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SPiRAL 05-13-05 12:03 AM

Master Card Commercial
Has anyone seen a M C commercial where a couple is getting some chips and a slushy at a gas station ? The cashier looks and sounds like Billy Crudup. He says something like " Satisfying a much-needed slushy fix ". Am I crazy or does anyone agree ?

Brain Stew 05-13-05 12:20 AM

It is Mr. Crudup. He has been doing the voice-overs for the "Priceless" commercials all along. I didn't realize it either until recently.

sailor_moon 05-13-05 12:31 AM

And that one is by far one of my favorites. The just keeps shaking her head. So funny.

Big Boy Laroux 05-13-05 10:22 AM

seriously? I of course figured it was the guy that had been doing the voiceover work all along, but didn't recognize him as crudup. he must've lightened his hair or something.

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