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Edgler Vess 05-08-05 10:39 AM

The O.C. (Orange County) : Strange question
This is about Mischa Barton ( Marissa Cooper ).

Is it me, or does she has a strange accent or a some kind of weird voice ?

Double Down 05-08-05 11:58 AM

Yeah, that is a strange question. ;)


She's from London, so that may be the faint accent you're detecting.

Count Dooku 05-09-05 01:46 AM

She can talk?

http://people.freenet.de/damnhotpics...chabarton2.JPG http://images.zap2it.com/20050117/mischabarton_gg05.jpg

I never noticed. :)

Edgler Vess 05-09-05 05:34 AM

Good point ...but where are the boobs?

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