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Gizmo 05-05-05 11:08 AM

The O.C. - Two Hours tonight! Dont forget!
Hey all. Yes, this may be a slight repost, but some may be unaware there are TWO episodes of the O.C. on tonight, back to back. Make sure NOT to tune to a different station after the normal showing, as another one will be playing right after. Mods, please lock this thread, and edit B.A.' original thread to show this, as I'm sure a few people may miss it.

Joeboo835 05-05-05 12:53 PM

Thanks for reminding me. I have to make sure TIvo picks them both up. U da man.

raven56706 05-05-05 01:10 PM

thanks for the reminder... i am going to bed early then.. ;)

Gizmo 05-05-05 09:44 PM


Patman 05-05-05 10:11 PM

Well, already saw the first hour last week, but are they just putting these characters through the meat grinder and expect the viewers to find this show entertaining and fun anymore?

The fight in the comic book launch party was pretty funny, though.

Gizmo 05-06-05 01:02 AM

First hour was NOT shown last week in most of America. Bush was speaking.

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