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adamblast 02-21-05 06:37 PM

Headline News -- Changing formats again!
Now they're going to start showing regular programs, rather than just constant news headlines.

Fine, but then what's the point?

Isn't this how MTV became the non-music-channel?

'Headline News' shifts gears
Mon Feb 21, 8:28 AM ET Entertainment - USATODAY.com

Today for the first time in its 23-year history, CNN Headline News is trading its signature "news wheel" format for a weekday prime-time block of hour-long programs.

The move reflects shifting viewer habits. It also is intended to complement sister channel CNN's three-hour block of news/talk programs hosted by Anderson Cooper, Paula Zahn and Larry King.

Starting today at 7 p.m., Headline News will air a live hour-long entertainment show, Showbiz Tonight, co-hosted by Karyn Bryant and A.J. Hammer, followed by a legal talk show hosted by anchor Nancy Grace and a newscast, Prime News Tonight, co-hosted by Mike Galanos and Erica Hill.

"We're trying to offer a broader range of news and information," says Headline News chief Ken Jautz.

Though ratings have something to do with the changes - Headline News is down 8% in prime time - Jautz says that the move reflects changing viewer habits: by the time prime time rolls around, viewers already know the headlines from cable or the Internet and are looking for alternative fare.

But true to its brand, Headline News will still offer news updates every half hour during the new blocks, along with a news "ticker" along the bottom of the screen.

As in newspapers and magazines, entertainment and legal news is increasingly popular with CNN viewers, Jautz says. "There's consistently high viewer feedback and strong viewer response when we offer that kind of fare."

Whatever. Just call it CNN2 and get it over with.

shaun3000 02-21-05 07:20 PM

Why? That's what CNN is for.

DJLinus 02-21-05 09:18 PM

Originally Posted by adamblast
Isn't this how MTV became the non-music-channel?

Maybe Headline News will eventually start showing music videos.

occupant 02-21-05 10:03 PM

As long as Rudi Bakhtiar stays around, they could spend all of prime time showing monkeys doing drywall for all I care!!

Third Baseman 02-21-05 10:10 PM

Drywall is actually very interesting. We should talk over coffee some time.

Morf 02-22-05 09:22 AM

The new news scroller sucks ass. Could they have made it any smaller? Sweet Jebus!

marty888 02-22-05 09:34 AM

Considering that about 94% of any given half-hour's "headline news" was repetitive, they're not really eliminating much, are they? Actually, this will probably be <i>more</i> expensive for them, since they need to do 3 hours of fresh programming rather than repeat bites - if it doesn't increase their ratings, they will be in even a deeper hole.

Toonview 02-22-05 01:02 PM

Damn! Headline News was always like Old Faithful for me. It was bad enough when my local cable started putting in those "local news" sections in the last three minutes, often blocking out some small CNN story I was interested in. Now this.

RIP Headline News.

klandersen 02-22-05 01:08 PM

Originally Posted by occupant
As long as Rudi Bakhtiar stays around, they could spend all of prime time showing monkeys doing drywall for all I care!!

Finally someone with some good old common sense. What were they thinking when she was off the air a couple of months ago. Must have been on vacation.

Red Dog 02-22-05 01:19 PM

I used to watch Headline News a lot before they changed the format. The Bloomberg format (way too busy) and not having set times for News and Sports turned me off.

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