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LorenzoL 01-19-05 01:04 PM

Kolchak The Night Stalker Possible Remake

By Dave Davis
Contributing sources: Variety

Much like the Ouroboros that factored into an episode of The X-Files (as well as the not-really-a-spinoff-but-well-maybe-kind-of Millennium), the notion of paranormal investigation is swallowing its own tail and beginning a new cycle.*

It’s pilot season, which is good news for flying ferrymen as well as Kolchak the Night Stalker, who’s getting another shot at resurrection courtesy of ABC (likely seeking to repeat the success of genre drama Lost).* The cult classic 70s series that was the foremost inspiration for The X-Files will haunt the airwaves once again (potentially) thanks to Frank Spotnitz, one of the creative minds behind… The X-Files.

The original Kolchak series followed a reporter (leg-lamp lover Darrin McGavin in a porkpie hat) with a penchant for stumbling across the supernatural on a weekly basis.* The new series is expected to mimic the concept and tone of the original movies (The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler) but hopes to avoid the same ratings – the show was dumped after a single unwatched season, which has yet to officially appear on DVD.

Filmmaker David Fincher (holy shit, remember him?) was reportedly considering bringing the character into theaters a while back, but a fine comic series from a company called Moonstone is the only fresh Kolchak adventures we’ve seen lately.

Geofferson 01-19-05 01:15 PM

Since everything is being remade, may as well do this.

freudguy 01-19-05 02:00 PM

Maybe this will help the original series come to DVD.

Charlie Goose 01-19-05 02:28 PM

Dennis Franz is unemployed, he'd made a fine Kolchak.

Londo 01-19-05 04:53 PM

I heard a while back that the concept (this is rumor from several directions) was that Carl's nephew would 'pick up the torch' from Uncle Carl (since Darren McGavin is still with us..) the name I heard attached was BRUCE CAMPBELL

Charlie Goose 01-19-05 11:55 PM

Originally Posted by Londo
the name I heard attached was BRUCE CAMPBELL

That would be so sweet, I'd need insulin.

Dawg 01-20-05 12:21 AM

Holy %#%*. That would be excellent. But, why not bring back Darren McGavin. He's not dead yet.

johnglass 01-20-05 07:59 AM

I'm sure this will be "urbanized" like every other remake being made and feature Chris Tucker as Kolchak.

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