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whynotsmile 06-14-04 11:41 AM

Wildboyz on MTV
that crab looked like it hurt

TheMadMonk 06-14-04 12:59 PM

Yeah, you could tell Steve-O was in some serious pain. Also, those welts from the whips looked painful, too.

Birrman54 06-14-04 05:43 PM

the elephant was hilarious.

I can't remember what they called it... a lombardi?


whynotsmile 06-14-04 08:02 PM

hahahah yea, the elephant was seriously great

TheMadMonk 06-14-04 08:20 PM

Yeah, it is called a "Lombardi Slap" (read an interview with one of them recently).

Gil Jawetz 11-01-04 01:19 PM

Wildboyz' Steve-O interview plus news about MTV
Just wanted to point out my DVDTalk interview with Steve-O from Wildboyz and Jackass. He talks quite a bit about the show and also talks about some MTV/MTV2 news and the future of Wildboyz. Check it out here...

Gil Jawetz 03-28-05 03:08 PM

Wildboyz season 3 on MTV2
Anyone not watching the new season of Wildboyz on MTV2 is missing out on what might be some of the finest television ever broadcast. The elephant gloden shower and the orangutan hotel room disaster were some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen. They are on fire (figuratively and literally) this season.

devilpants 03-28-05 05:42 PM

The urine-guzzling cannibals made for some pretty darn disturbing television. Even Steve-O lost his cool with the guy that tried to eat his foot. He got the mamba sock puppet treatment! :thumbsup:

Cusm 03-29-05 10:27 AM

Those guys have to be one of the vilest of faiths I have ever heard of, are there very many of them? I forgot what they called them and could not find it on google.

TheMadMonk 03-29-05 11:59 AM


There are some links via Google

Cusm 03-29-05 01:25 PM

Thanks, I could not recall their name and everyway I tried to look it up gave me no results.

thegame370 10-05-07 12:16 AM

Wildboyz (no new season anytime soon)?
Love watching this show and I'm craving for some new episodes. Anyone got any info on an upcoming season?

thedrizzle 10-05-07 01:24 AM

The show ended early last year after the 4th season. There not making anymore episodes. Steve-O has a new show on USA and they're filming Jackass 3, so the cast and crew have moved on to other project.

thegame370 10-05-07 06:22 AM

Really, I didn't know Jackass 3 was being filmed? Is all the cast returning?

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