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Which Button? 06-04-04 03:08 PM

Anyone Watch Come To Papa
It's a new summer show that came on NBC last night. It was really funny. The boyy and Crazy Benny were the best.

latenight 06-04-04 03:15 PM

just bits and pieces, i liked the part when he was on the stand and the judge was talking to him like he was a dummy

B.A. 06-04-04 07:03 PM

I caught about half of it. I wasn't too impressed.

Seantn 06-04-04 07:18 PM

I wasn't too 'not unimpressed'.

Quatermass 06-05-04 01:10 PM

I saw the guy (Papa) on Leno a week or two ago and thought his standup was hilarious. Unfortunately, the show was not too good. I'll probably give it another chance, though. I hope it gets better.

Trigger 06-05-04 08:28 PM

Terrible show, but the coffee bit where the coffee store guy and the coffee machine put a "little bit of milk" in his black coffee was funny. It'll end up on Tuesday or Wednesday within a few weeks.

Goldberg74 06-05-04 10:11 PM

EW said to "run the other way."

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