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dan31655 05-29-04 05:36 PM

what's up with kingdom hospital
this is the 4th week in a row it's been delayed. It's really starting to get annoying. Especially since i missed last the last new sow

joltaddict 05-29-04 06:57 PM


ABC will run the final 4 episodes of Kingdom Hospital as three one-hour episodes and one 2-hour episode. Episode 10 is called "The Passion of Reverend Jimmy" by Tabitha King and Stephen King. Episode 11 is called "Seizure Day" by Richard Dooling. Episode 12 is called "Shoulda' Stood in Bed" by Stephen King and the last episode which is 2 hours is called "Finale" by Stephen King. All are directed by Craig Baxley and they will run on consecutive Thursdays beginning June 24th.

movielib 05-29-04 08:35 PM

This stunk so bad I forgot to watch it one week and then just said, "Who cares." Watching it was masochistic.

nazz 05-29-04 08:59 PM

I really wanted this to be great but after watching a few episodes I found myself letting them stack up on my Tivo and not wanting to watch them. I finally deleted them and hung it up.

Jeraden 05-30-04 10:53 PM

Yeah, I gave up on it too. I thought it would be my kind of show initially. But it was just really dull.

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