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Seantn 05-22-04 08:00 PM

Anyone seen this "21st Century Insurance" commercial recently?
Has anyone seen this "21st Century Insurance" commercial anytime within the LAST MONTH? It's a commercial from last year, but I need to know if it has started airing again. I know this sounds silly, but it is kind of important.

Anyway, the commercial goes like this....

A husband and wife are at a pool. They're talking about how hard their rep guy works for them. They give him a call and it turns out that he is at the pool they are at. He's sunbathing, and on his cell phone, but he lies and says that he's working really hard for them.

Anyone seen this recently?

Thank you so much for your help!

Blake 05-22-04 09:02 PM

Define recently. I saw it about a month ago.

Seantn 05-22-04 09:03 PM

Recently, in this case at least, would be within the past month. Thanks for giving me that info, it helps.

Anyone else seen it in the past month?

Seantn 05-23-04 03:01 AM


Seantn 05-24-04 01:58 AM

to da top!

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