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Angel - Final Episode WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!!!


Angel and his friends prepare for their “suicide” attack on the Circle of the Black Thorn. In Angel’s office, Angel, Gunn, Lorne, Wes, and Spike continue planning their assault on the evil members of the Circle of the Black Thorn. When Gunn suggests they ask Illyria to join them, Lorne notes they left her to watch Drogyn, and Angel tells them Drogyn is dead. Before he can explain, however, Hamilton enters and tells Angel that the Black Thorn members want to see him right away. A bit later Spike, Wes, Gunn, and Lorne return to Spike’s apartment and find Illyria unconscious. Wes revives her and she tells them Hamilton knocked her out and took Drogyn... to Angel. Lorne says he doesn’t trust Angel, but Gunn says that’s OK, as long as the Circle trusts him. Meanwhile Angel meets with the Circle, who want to make sure Angel’s own ambitions don’t sway his loyalty. They pull out a copy of the Shanshu Prophesy, and ask him to sign away his chances at ever becoming human. Realizing he has no choice, Angel jabs a pen into his vein and signs the contract in blood. Later, back at Wolfram and Hart, Harmony pumps Angel for information on what’s going on. He says he can’t involve her, but asks her to keep Hamilton occupied, and she agrees. Next Angel tells Lindsey what the group is planning, and asks for his help. Lindsey warns Angel that it’s a suicide mission, but Angel offers to let Lindsey run Wolfram and Hart if they succeed... and Lindsey accepts. A bit later Angel joins the others at Spike’s apartment, and tells them tonight is the night the Circle members will die.

Since it may be their last day alive, Angel tells his friends to spend it however they want. Lorne sings at a karaoke bar. Spike goes into a tough-looking bar... where he reads his own verse in a poetry slam. Angel meets Connor at a coffeehouse, where he’s surprised to learn Connor already knows Angel is his father. At the same time, Gunn finds his sister Anne loading donations for the poor at a local shelter. He asks what she’d do if he told her nothing will ever end the world’s problems, and when she says she’d just keep loading the truck, he pitches in to help. Meanwhile Wes tends Illyria’s head wound, and she offers to join their fight. She also asks Wes why he’s not out having one last “perfect” day, but he says it’s not possible. Understanding he wants to be with Fred, Illyria offers to pretend again to be Fred, but Wes says he doesn’t want an illusion. Back at Wolfram and Hart, Lindsey tells Eve that Angel is sending him with Lorne to take on the Sahrvin demons. Eve says she doesn’t trust Angel, but Lindsey says as long as he fights for Angel and not against him, he’ll be safe. Later the group reunites at Spike’s apartment, and Angel hands out the assassination assignments: Wes targeting Cyvus Vail; Illyria killing Izzerial; Gunn tackling Senator Brucker and her vampire aides; Spike killing the Fell brethren and rescuing the human baby they’ve been raising for sacrifice; and Angel targeting Archduke Sebassis (whom we see reclining in his bath, drinking from a goblet his demon slave fills from one of his own veins). Lorne claims he’s not really a fighter, but Angel reassures him that he’ll just provide backup for Lindsey. Then, as they continue to chat, we see Harmony in bed with Hamilton, offering to reveal Angel’s secret plan.

Angel tells his friends to gather in a nearby alley after their jobs are completed. Lorne says it’s time for him to move on, so he won’t be there. As everyone moves out, Spike asks Angel if the Shanshu prophecy will come true and one of them will become human after this. Angel says neither of them will survive, so it doesn’t matter. A bit later Wes arrives at Cyvus Vail’s palace, and as he talks to Vail, conjures a ball of energy in his hand. At the same time, Spike sneaks into the Fell sanctuary, where he hears a baby crying. Angel returns to his office and retrieves a weapon, but then Hamilton enters and asks if Angel’s going to use the weapon on Sebassis. Angel swings at Hamilton, but he strikes back, knocking Angel out a window. Angel crashes back in through a skylight, right in front of Harmony, who immediately tries to convince Angel that she didn’t betray him. He knows better, and fires her. As she leaves, Hamilton reappears and they resume their battle.

As they fight, Hamilton asks if Angel really thought he could kill Sebassis. Angel says he already has. Then we see Sebassis realizing his drink tastes strange... and looking over to see his demon, whose blood he’s drinking, is already dead. Finally a flashback shows Angel, at the earlier Black Thorn gathering, push the demon away with a poisoned spike on his finger. In the present Sebassis realizes he’s been poisoned, and dies... and Angel and Hamilton resume their fight. Meanwhile Spike rescues the baby and fights off the Fell demons. Wes fires his energy ball at Vail, but Vail just scoffs. Meanwhile Lindsey hacks his way into the back room at a demon bar, and Illyria blocks the street in front of Izzy’s limousine. At Wolfram and Hart, Connor steps in to join Angel’s fight against Hamilton. Back on the street Illyria walks away from the now-bashed and bloody limo, while Gunn arrives at Senator Brucker’s office, buries a hatchet in her head, and dusts her vampires. Back at the bar Lindsey washes blood off his hands and thanks Lorne for his help. Lorne says he still doesn’t trust Lindsey, and pulls out a gun and shoots him. Lindsey has just enough time to say how indignant he is that he’s been killed by a flunky (and not by Angel himself)... and then he dies. Meanwhile Vail slams a dagger into Wes’ gut. Wes uses his last bit of strength to toss Vail across the room. Illyria arrives and holds Wes, realizing he’s dying. She ask if he’d like her to lie to him now, and he says yes... so she pretends to be Fred, saying she loves him and it won’t be long until they can be together. She kisses him, and he dies. Then Vail returns, inviting Illyria to take her best shot. Back at Wolfram and Hart, Hamilton goes after Connor, and Angel vamps and bites Hamilton. Then, as the fight continues, Angel finally snaps Hamilton’s neck. As he does, however, the building starts to shake with the Senior Partners’ wrath. Angel convinces Connor to run, then rescues Eve from a nearby office and tells her Lindsey isn’t coming back. Later Angel arrives at the alley rendezvous. Spike is already there and Gunn arrives a moment later, bloodied from his battles. As he asks about Wes, Illyria arrives, saying Wes is dead. Then there’s a thunderclap and an army of monsters closes in while a dragon circles above. Despite his wounds, Gunn wants to fight. Spike asks Angel what his plan is, and Angel says he wants to slay the dragon. Then the demons charge, and he swings into battle.

Now we REALLY need a TV movie!

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Holy SH**T! NOOOO Wes can't die AHHHHH!!

Anyway damn you once again WB!
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Actually, you don't need spoiler tags, The title says Angel final episode. That should be enough. Anyone with two brain cells that sees that title should figure out info about the last episode will be discussed. If they don't want to see the info...they shouldn't click the link. If they do, to bad for them.
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ending with a cliffhanger. damn yo.
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cliffhanger ending and Wes dying
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I'm so lost on Angel right now. Our Comcast doesn't carry the WB for some reason, so I haven't been watching
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Trust me, someone will click in and be like "you need to put SPOILERS!". Always happens.
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Sweet Jebus, after reading that i'm all for a t.v movie
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Well they better have a TV movie guaranteed or ending on the cliff-hanger is screwing over the fans. There have been other series that ended on a cliff-hanger and never came back, leaving fans wondering what happened.

Too bad it wasn't known earlier that Angel was ending so they could have had a true final episode. This way, if no movies are made, fans will have closure. Any movies are just add on stories.
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