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The O.C. - 04/21/04

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The O.C. - 04/21/04

"The Shower", Episode #125.

Marissa makes sure her mother's wedding shower is unforgettable; Teresa turns Ryan's world upside down; Seth gets a chance to meet Summer's father.

Cast: Peter Gallagher, Benjamin McKenzie, Kelly Rowan, Adam Brody, Mischa Barton, Tate Donovan, Navi Rawat.
Producer(s): Josh Schwartz, Doug Liman, McG, Dave Bartis, Bob DeLaurentis.

Original Airdate: April 21, 2004.
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saw the canadian broadcast, back into shark jumping territory w/ the seth/summer angle.
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Originally posted by deadlax
saw the canadian broadcast, back into shark jumping territory w/ the seth/summer angle.
I wouldn't necessarily say it's bordering on jumping the shark, but it does seem like a fairly contrived way of breaking the two up.

Definitely one of the weaker episodes since the end of the Oliver debacle. And while I like the character of Teresa, it's a complete waste of time bringing her back over and over again now that it's been reported that the actress has been cast in a Fox pilot. She's obviously leaving after this season, so quit with the lameass Ryan/Marissa/Teresa love triangle.
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Eh, it was an okay episode. It had it's moments, but to be honest, I got more enjoyment out of the preview for next week than this episode.
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It pains me to say it, but

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Hopefully they won't go through with the Seth/Summer breakup. They're the best part of the show.

I could live without the Theresa story too. Hopefully Julie's sister won't pop up anymore either.
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Julie's sister looks like a plastic surgery junky - very creepy looking.

Summer and Seth are the best part of the show - Summer is being a bitch towards Seth and now I am sure they will be leaving us w/ a cliffhanger over the summer break.

Enough w/ Theresa already - every other week is too much.

Sandy and Kirsten were the only strong suits of this ep.
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Now that the episode has aired, I can openly say how I feel about this ep and the show overall. I strongly believe this show has some of the best writers on TV. They are into a wide range of both teenage popular and niche culture. And they write with the voice of the actors in mind. But whoever maps the general story arc of this show needs to be banned from any future TV series, movie, short story, radio show; cause it sucks. The show has three great things, Seth/Summer, the interaction between Sandy and Seth/Ryan, and the "core" family moments. You can find enough drama within those scenarios to push 22 episodes per season. DO IT!
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Celery is gay.

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Wow, I didn't think the episode was THAT bad. I thought there were plenty of funny moments. Yes, I agree I dislike whenever Ryan/Marissa/Theresa are on screen, but it is just something we are going to have to get used to as viewers of the show.

Just think of it as a nice contrast. You wouldn't appreciate the rest of the cast as much if you weren't always so relieved to see them on screen after the momentum killers.
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i swear last week when they were showing the previews for this week, eddie was in it! i wanted some punches being thrown between eddie and ryan damnit!!!!!!!!!11111
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I got $10 on Haley beating the bejesus out of Julie.
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Originally posted by retihsuhnt
I got $10 on Haley beating the bejesus out of Julie.
I dunno . . Julie sounds like she used to beat b****s up in her day.

Decent episode. I hope that Seth and Summer will get back together otherwise, we'll see mopey Seth for the rest of the episodes and I think happy Seth is much funnier. From the previews, at least it looksl ike they'll try and get them back together.

I like how the Cohens' house is becoming the halfway house for people trying to get out of Chino.
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I thought this was a decent episode. It may not have been the greatest, but I don't think it was anywhere near shark jumping territory. I would be really surprised if Seth and Summer ended their relationship because of her dad. The one thing I was disappointed in this episode was no mention of Luke. He was in a serious accident last week, they could have at least had somebody ask about his well being. IMO, this is still the best show on television right now.
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