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"24" 04/06/04

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Originally posted by Tandem
Here's a great way to end it... Michelle swallows the pill as Tony helplessly looks through the hotel window in a tear-jerker scene reminiscent of Spock and Kirk in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn.

Just then a medical worker runs up and exclaims, "We found the cure!"
Too bad, Michelle will of course, be immune to the virus.
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Originally posted by Achtung
Oh I don't doubt that most government agencies would do that, but MI6? Pretty important stuff for that location. It would be like the CIA keeping top-secret info in a regular London office building.

Not that I'm going to sit here and point out random plot holes. It was still a great episode, and you really get the feeling that no one is safe now. I really can't wait to see where this goes.
Like the earlier poster who mentioned the FBI rents out office space in a mall complex. I know the FBI rents out half of a mall in WV for offices; as well as a whole floor of a corporate office building in PA. The CIA also rents out a floor in a different building of the same city. I'd be a little more specific, but I'm not sure how well known these locations are (although the locals certainly know they are there). In each case, the area has just been refitted with security equipment for safety.
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Originally posted by Trelach24
This has nothing to do with this episode or season even but do we know if they're doing a season 4 yet?

This show can never end!!!
Well, although ratings were down a bit from last week, 24 won it's time slot once again...that, added with the fact that it's won a lot of awards this year lead me to believe Fox would be silly to cancel it. But stranger things have happened...ask the fans of "Angel".
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Originally posted by Roto
Well, I turned 2 in 1976 and most people don't have air-conditioners in their homes around here.

I thought I saw a beer belly on Tony too. I thought that was strange.
No offense anyway.
think we learned about it in schools here.
and i remember a case of it in a spanish hotel a few years ago.......thinking of it.....who knows what it really was
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Originally posted by flashburn
Too bad, Michelle will of course, be immune to the virus.
I disagree. I would be shocked if she wasn't infected, follwed by a last-second race for a cure to save her. I am guessing that the main hotel employee won't be infected though.
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and he will be invited to work at CTU alongside Kim once it is all over.
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It's amazing how deserted the White House is on 24. Here the president is in an extreme crisis having to make important decisions fast, and there's like two people there, one of which is playing Pong (or trying to track a phone call, not sure which )
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They're not in the White House, they're in an office in L.A. Palmer's there for a debate with his opposition for the nomination.
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I remember learning about legionnaire's disease when there was an outbreak at a local hotel in the mid 80's.

I found some info about a recent case at a Ford plant in Cleveland.

Detroit News, 3/16/2001

Legionnaire's disease blamed in death of Ford worker
Tests find that man at Cleveland Casting plant died last week of the disease

By Thomas J. Sheeran / Associated Press

CLEVELAND -- A Ford Motor Co. worker who died last week had Legionnaire's disease, bringing to four the number of cases confirmed among workers at an engine casting plant, officials said Thursday.
The Cleveland Casting Plant, which employs 2,500, was closed Wednesday night at least through the weekend after the third case was confirmed. The plant hasn't been confirmed as the source of the disease, which is caused by water-born bacteria.
Donald Tafoya, 61, a 27-year Ford employee, died March 9 with pneumonia symptoms. Cuyahoga County Health Commissioner Timothy Horgan said test results on Tafoya were positive for the bacteria that cause Legionnaires' disease.
Two of the sick workers were still hospitalized Thursday and the third was being treated at home, said Willie Hubbard, president of United Auto Workers Local 1250.
Health officials also were double-checking 10 cases of pneumonia among workers.
Health investigators Thursday took water samples from shower stalls, drinking fountains, air-conditioning units and other areas at the plant to determine if the bacteria exist there.
It could take five to 10 days to match any bacteria found in the water with the strain of disease that may have been contracted by the sick workers. There are numerous varieties of the disease.
Legionnaires' disease is a form of pneumonia that is spread through inhalation of mist from contaminated water. It does not spread from person to person.
It was identified at a 1976 American Legion convention in Philadelphia. Symptoms include high fever, cough and shortness of breath.
Roman Krygier, Ford vice president of powertrain operations, expressed the company's sympathy to Tafoya's family.
"Our company is taking extraordinary measures to deal with this issue," Krygier said in a prepared statement Thursday night. "We are cooperating with all public health authorities. Nothing is more important to us than the safety and welfare of our employees."
Ford spokesman Ed Miller said there was no evidence of any health risk to employees working at three adjacent Ford plants. Water samples will be taken at the other plants after the casting plant is checked.
Ford said the shutdown was not expected to impact assembly plants for at least the next several days. The casting plant makes engine blocks and heads and crankshafts.
Hubbard said workers are concerned but not panicking.
"If everything is in order, I'd go back," Sylvester Johnson, 50, of Cleveland, said across the street from the plant.
Six people died of Legionnaires' disease last year in Ohio. The state has averaged 131 cases annually since 1994.
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I like what they've done with this season. Every season seems to be divided into two big stories. In the past two seasons they used up the good story for the first half of the season, and used the less compelling story for the second half. It kind of felt like they were 'blowing their load early', so to speak. This season it seems like they saved the good stuff for the end, as it should be.
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Why did Jack leisurely stroll out of a building that had just exploded, talking on a cell phone? It was sure a good thing there wasn't a ground team making sure there were no survivors.

Also, it's too bad MI-6 couldn't afford broadband and/or security. That would've made things a little easier.

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