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vivarey 03-16-04 12:38 PM

Seven Days -- Worst show on cable?
Has anyone else seen this train wreck on SpikeTV? The premise makes no sense: "a secret government agency creates an experimental time-travel device that allows a human being to go back seven days in time, and ultimately change history." I don't think I've ever seen a worst cast lead actor. I watched it once and the sheer number of plot holes and paradoxes gave me headache. Horrible, horrible show.

Chew 03-16-04 12:56 PM

Spike is just rebroadcasting what first started on UPN.

I don't think the premise is nonsensical for a sci-fi program. When you compare the two, Quantum Leap had a more unbelievable premise. QL carried the premise out in fine fashion, this one.....not so much. :)

Achtung 03-16-04 01:01 PM

Yeah this show is several years old from UPN. I didn't think it was that bad a show, given a lot of the crap out there. But then I tend to enjoy time-travel movies/shows, plot holes and all.

vivarey 03-16-04 01:17 PM

Don't get me wrong, I love Quantum Leap. This show isn't even in the same league.

Steve Phillips 03-16-04 05:50 PM

Worst show on cable? Not even close.

Jeraden 03-16-04 07:32 PM

Yeah, I remember attempting to watch this once a while back. I didn't make it very far. I think right after it was another horrible syndicated show called Adventure, Inc.

NCMojo 03-16-04 08:45 PM

I saw this show on UPN. Eh, I thought it was OK.

Wizdar 03-17-04 08:48 AM

Originally posted by Steve Phillips
Worst show on cable? Not even close.
Not even.

I loved the show when it first ran. Frankly, I think the only thing keeping it from being considered better than Quantum Leap is QL was less predictable as far as how the episode is resolved.

If Seven Days was still in the UPN lineup, it would be the best show they got.

OK. That ain't saying much, but you get my drift. ;)


vivarey 03-17-04 06:16 PM

I'm curious to know what you think is so good about it. IMO the acting is horrible and the stories are nonsensical. I've since tried to watch a couple more times, but it was too painful. As far as being the best show in the UPN lineup, I don't watch UPN so I can't comment. If it's true, I pity the network.

DJ_Spyder 03-17-04 09:03 PM

Seven Days the worst show on cable? If that is the case Sliders comes in a close second that show had a good "what if" premise but after John Rhys Davies character Arturo was killed off and Wade left the show this series went down hill fast.

dave955 03-21-04 01:36 AM

This show had no character growth, and never lived up to the potential of its premise and pilot episode.

wearetheborg 03-21-04 04:59 AM

I like time travel stories, so I'm a fan (sort of) of this show.
There was an interesting episode where the main character has time "hiccups" where he goes back in time a few minutes on his own, enabling him to try out various options till he gets it right.

In the end we see a conversation being carried out in his mind between two his selves. One mentions whether he has considered the possibility that the entire time travel/backstep operation is in his head, that he is still crazy, and still in his old mental asylum.
The other self screams and the episode ends


Wizdar 03-21-04 01:50 PM

Originally posted by dave955
This show had no character growth, and never lived up to the potential of its premise and pilot episode.
The show was never supposed to be high-brow or character driven. Unlike many shows, the characters were pretty much fully formed and really didnít need much more.

Versions of Star Trek (fer instance) were flat regarding characters, and what growth was exhibited could be expressed in geologic time. Considering the length of time Seven Days aired, I think there was a similar amount of growth.

Letís face it: you like it, you donít like it, who cares? The show was hardly remarkable, but was a decent guilty pleasure.

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