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Old 01-22-04, 10:52 PM   #1
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beavis captured, butthead remains on the loose...


Do you miss Beavis and Butthead? Wonder where they went after they did America? Well, have I got good news for you! Turns out Beavis, in human form, is alive and well -- and committing crime right here in Oregon. Not only is this guy the spitting image of the animated headbanger also known as Cornholio, he was arrested under ... odd circumstances last week.

Chris Kemp, 37, was found inside a Gresham man's home wearing the resident's mother's clothing and playing music last Friday night. To be specific, Kemp was wearing Carlos Castillo's mother's leopard-skin hat and matching scarf. Castillo confronted the alarmingly large-foreheaded intruder, who then returned money he'd stolen and agreed to wait for the police to arrive.

So, you're asking, what about all the scratches on Kemp's huge forehead? No one knows for sure, but Kemp has garnered a bit of a cult following since his mug shot hit the 'Net last week, and The Smoking Gun offers this insight:

As for the ... mug shot taken by the Multnomah County Sheriff, no, the image has not been manipulated to make Kemp resemble a light bulb or balloon. And he apparently got those forehead scratches during an earlier encounter with some sort of brier patch, details of which TSG has not uncovered.
The unfortunately famous Kemp has also been featured on and in the Glasgow Daily Record."

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posted in Other about 3 days ago
John Henson: McDonald's has dumped Kobe Bryant as their spokesperson and have replaced him with Yao Ming. Apparently McDonald's prefers Yao because he is a bigger international star, and he doesn't rape so much.

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