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bigjim25 11-14-03 05:39 PM

<center>Starts at 8pm tonight - 8pm Saturday night on TVLand
They are supposed to show the Classic 39 Episodes<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="6"><tr valign="top"> <td>"TV or not TV"
"Funny Money"
"The Golfer"
"A Woman's Work Is Never Done"
"A Matter of Life and Death"
"The Sleepwalker"
"Better Living Through TV"
"Pal O'Mine"
"Brother Ralph"
"Hello, Mom"
"The Deciding Vote"
"Something Fishy"
" 'Twas the Night Before Christmas"
"The Man From Space"
"A Matter of Record"
"Oh My Aching Back"
"The Baby-sitter"
"The $99,000 Answer"
"Ralph Kramden, Inc."
"Young at Heart" </td> <td>"A Dog's Life"
"Here Comes The Bride"
"Mama Loves Mambo"
"Please Leave the Premises"
"Pardon My Glove"
"Young Man With A Horn"
"Head of the House"
"The Worry Wart"
"The Loudspeaker"
"On Stage"
"Opportunity Knocks But"
"Unconventional Behavior"
"The Safety Award"
"Mind Your Own Business"
"Alice and the Blonde"
"The Bensonhurst Bomber"
"Dial J for Janitor"
"A Man's Pride"
http://www.tvland.com/obits/carney/</tr> </table>

DodgingCars 11-14-03 09:52 PM

I heard about this. I might have to catch a few episodes. I used to love watching the Honeymooners... haven't seen an episode in years though.

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