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Rypro 525 11-01-03 11:38 PM

sopranos episode question?
my dad keeps on saying we missed the episodes where the feds raided the house and were looking for jewlery. Wasn't that the season 3 premierre?

jpcamb 11-02-03 12:54 PM

I think you are getting two episodes or at least plot points mixed up. Tonys sister Janice went thru her moms house looking for hidden money or jewles in one or a few episodes. And the feds broke into Tonys house to plant a bug in a lamp in the celler in another episode, beginnig of season 3.

WhoGirl 11-02-03 05:16 PM

Are you thinking of the episode when Tony and Carmella were hiding jewelry in preparation of the Feds coming? When Tony's hiding guns and money in the attic and asks Carm to hand over all her jewelry.

"All I've got left is my wedding ring, and that's not stolen. It is paid for, isn't it? Isn't it?"

"...Yeah. Sure."

I believe that was episode 10 of Season 1. The one after Pax Soprana. They weren't looking specifically for jewelry, just for any evidence against Tony.

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