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Fok 11-01-03 01:42 PM

Who else hates Jon from Survivor?
Everytime I see this guy, I want to smack his face in, he's such a loser and a cry baby. I hate it when he does that cocky walk when he goes to vote.

Anyway, had to get that off my chest.

movieking 11-01-03 01:45 PM

The question is, who doesn't?

mookiemeister 11-01-03 04:47 PM

They should've voted him off last time. Now he's probably going to stick around for a while since he's probably not a big immunity threat. :p

Jackskeleton 11-01-03 06:03 PM

but he's mr. fairplay...

Ooooh, how I hate him..

mariakitty 11-01-03 06:13 PM

He has to be one of the most irritating Survivors to date. I want to smack him!

Sepen 11-01-03 06:41 PM

Hate is a strong word. I dislike him immensely. But I would rather have him on there, makes things interesting unlike those 2 girls who are as dull as my 35 year old Cub Scout knife.

Corky Roxbury 11-01-03 09:18 PM

Jonny Fairplay is the best survivor ever :) I cannot wait until he is in the WWE

Y2K Falcon 11-01-03 11:26 PM

You know... Just when I thought that having jon around was suckekekeke, then I see Lill back again. :grunt:

I guess that's the price you pay to see Nicole's boobs again.

hotaru_san 11-02-03 09:10 AM

I don't mind him too much.
He has been pretty annoying but this week he was more mellow (since he knew he was in danger).

I don't want him to win, but I think it would be entertaining to see how well he handles himself out there for a little while longer.

Boot 11-02-03 10:53 AM

But c'mon, he's the Puppet Master! The Million Dollar Man! ;)

indianajdp 11-02-03 01:01 PM

Can't stand him.

But if I'm any one of the remaining folks there is no one else I'd rather take with me to the Final 2 than he.

nazz 11-03-03 01:32 AM

Perfect opportunity for a right cross:


CanadianKnight 11-03-03 03:53 PM

Can't stand the pompous egotistical little twit.

Did you read his bio at CBS's website?

He describes himself as "sharp, quick and amazing". What kind of a tool describes himself as "amazing". Also lists "girls" as one of his hobbies. I'm sure THAT hobby is pretty dormant, myself.

I love that he has the balls to call all the people that have been booted "losers", when every one of them (from Drake at least) has one or more degrees, and is gainfully employed. Jon's bio lists him as having "recently worked as a senior art consultant" and as a PA for a professional wrestler. So in other words, he's unemployed.

I'll give him this...he's got balls. But if I had to put up with him I'd drop him in about 2 seconds. Twit.

SunMonkey 11-03-03 07:56 PM

He is by far the most annoying person ever on Survivor. That said, he was completly right with his run-ins with Shawn.

cheapskate 11-03-03 08:45 PM

Jon is obviously a raging alcoholic, and obviously can't handle the pressures of island life without his steady flow of Colt45 and Busch Lite.

This only serves to double the entertainment value...

Jeff: Are you loaded?

DAC 11-03-03 09:05 PM

Rupert can't stand him either.

Rupert: "Johnny Fairplay is Johnny Pain-In-The-Ass now to me"

I couldn't have said it any better myself.

Fok 11-05-03 12:59 PM

I'm looking forward to the day when he gets voted off, I wish shawn kicked his ass that time.

icondude 11-05-03 01:43 PM

Now that Osten is gone all the anger can be directed towards Jon. I'm still not sure how they managed to vote out Shawn last time.

37 In A Row 11-05-03 07:51 PM

HATE is not strong enough of a word for my feelings toward Jon. Loathe sounds about right. The sad thing is I know a guy like him...

DAC 11-05-03 09:17 PM

Originally posted by Corky Roxbury
Jonny Fairplay is the best survivor ever :) I cannot wait until he is in the WWE
Someone else mentioned that he was trying to get into the WWE. Where is that coming from? I mean this guy is such a musclebound freak he would surely look good kicking HHH's ass. Or would he be "Eye candy" to Trish or one of the WWE Divas?

BenCJedi 11-05-03 09:35 PM

But that's the point.. for a better chance to win survivor, wouldn't you want to be up against someone like Jonny Fairplay at the end at tribal councel? He annoyed the snot out of everyone. If you were in the jury.. who would you pick -- annoying, loud obnoxious guy or other guy that slipped through the cracks and played the game well? That's probably the *only* reason fairplay is still there and not voted out. But what if Jon is smarter than we think and is soley shooting to be around for the final two so he gets $500,000 or whatever second place gets? That's still a nice chunk of change, plus the recognition and possibility of moving up in the wrestling world. Sounds like a good strategy to stay in the game.. become disliked, but liked enough for the other players to get in their minds you are an asset for the end, so they keep you riding along. Players are devious on survivor. They have alterior reasons for what they are doing. Think about it.

Tommy_Harn 11-05-03 09:52 PM

He would love to know that there is an entire thread about him on the internet. He thinks he's a legitimate wrestling villan.

icondude 11-06-03 10:06 AM

Originally posted by BenCJedi
But what if Jon is smarter than we think and is soley shooting to be around for the final two so he gets $500,000 or whatever second place gets?
I think 2nd place gets $125,000, or something like that. Definately not $500,000!

shoppingbear 11-06-03 05:35 PM

Originally posted by icondude
I think 2nd place gets $125,000, or something like that. Definately not $500,000!
2nd place gets $100,000, not $125,000. :)

conscience 11-06-03 09:17 PM

absolutely hate him

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