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FlashStash 10-28-03 08:25 AM

WEHT David Copperfiled CBS specials?
They always did well in the ratings, and they were an annual thing...was there nothing to make disappear after the Statue of Liberty? Was it CBS's or Copperfield's decision to end the relationship?


Dr. DVD 10-28-03 01:55 PM

I think the relationship and specials ended with the 80s.

PalmerJoss 10-28-03 02:48 PM

Two words--David Blaine.

Spooky 10-28-03 04:34 PM

Since David almost burnt his ass off with that "Tornado of Fire" deal, he probably has decided against CBS specials.

I do miss these though. I'd like to see one where he makes George Lucas disappear...

Mopower 10-28-03 10:39 PM

I'd like one where he makes CBS disappear. That would be an awsome trick.

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