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Original Desmond 10-26-03 05:12 AM

Boston Public Question
hi everyone

In Australia they pulled Boston Public off the air in Season 2

Just got hold of Season 4 Ep 4 and 5

Just wondering how did Lauren Davis and Harry Senate got written out ?

immortal_zeus 10-26-03 07:19 AM

I don't think they really explained Lauren's absence. They might have made a passing reference to what she was doing, but if they did, they didn't make a big deal of it. Come to think of it, I don't even think they did that.

I can't remember for sure, but Harry quit teaching. I think cause some kid died.

You know that there's a search function, right? ;):p


MrX 10-26-03 02:56 PM

Senate got beaten badly by a student and almost died. He had a breakdown and either left Winslow or just quit teaching, I can't remember which one.

I don't remember why Davis left, but by the time she did Jerry Ryan was the focus of the show so nobody noticed she was gone.

Deftones 10-26-03 04:48 PM

Davis left b/c of Jerri Ryan. She was mad that she was getting more attention and story lines. As MrX said above, Senate left b/c he got stabbed by a student and had a nervous breakdown.

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