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mrpayroll 09-24-03 10:35 AM

Billy Crystal poised for Oscar duty again

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 24 — Experience counts. And as it draws up plans for the 76th annual Academy Awards, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences could well be turning to one of the most experienced Oscar hosts in the business — Billy Crystal.

THE ACADEMY IS expected to announce its choice Wednesday for next year’s host, and insiders are speculating that it’s Crystal’s name that will be in the envelope.
Crystal has already hosted the awards telecast seven times. His last appearance was in 2000 at the 72nd annual awards. And at every appearance, he has won applause for his witty takes on the current movie scene.
If the Academy and Crystal partner, then the comedian will be working closely with an old acquaintance, Joe Roth, who is producing the telecast. Roth, the founder of Revolution Studios, and Crystal last collaborated on the 2001 comedy “America’s Sweethearts,” which Roth directed and Crystal starred in.
The upcoming telecast is scheduled to take place Feb. 29 and will be broadcast live by ABC from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. This (last ?) year’s event was hosted by Steve Martin.

Well this is great news. I think he is the best host that we've had in the last 15 years.


Groucho 09-24-03 10:43 AM

I thought Steve Martin was great, and would love to see him come back.

Geofferson 09-24-03 10:53 AM

Billy Crystal is decent. Just so it's not Whoopi.

Kal-El 09-24-03 11:12 AM

:thumbsup: from me.

Darq 09-24-03 12:14 PM


.. like that will ever happen again. But it would actually be pretty cool if they had Conan host sometime. His anniversary special had me ROTFLMAO.

Spooky 09-24-03 12:16 PM

Given his performance on the Emmys, Jon Stewart should host the thing. But given the fact that Hollywood doesn't see Stewart as a "big" enough star, Crystal is a decent choice...he at least doesn't embarass himself. Plus, with Lord of The Rings and Kill Bill possible nominees, Crystal is probably working on material already.

Ginwen 09-24-03 12:17 PM


Better than Whoopi, but that's not saying much.

PalmerJoss 09-24-03 12:32 PM

They need somebody new. I am so tired of Billy Crystal hosting it--give it to someone like Conan O'Brien or like Spooky says, Jon Stewart. Either would make excellent choices IMO, just as long as it's something new(and most importantly)funny.

resinrats 09-24-03 12:39 PM

Does Crystal do anything sucessful besides the Oscars? Besides Anylys This, has anything of his (non-Oscars) been a hit since the early 90's?

Rypro 525 09-24-03 01:00 PM

anyone else think Stewart isn't a good host (the grammy's anyone) maybe its his timing or can't think of good music jokes, since his show is hilarious.

Damfino 09-24-03 01:06 PM

Jon Stewart is too young for the Oscars, most older academy members might not even know who he is.

Have they ever considered Jay Leno? He would be a perfect fit.

In the meantime, Billy Crystal and Steve Martin are both fine by me.

Rico Diablo 09-24-03 01:51 PM

Originally posted by Damfino
Have they ever considered Jay Leno? He would be a perfect fit.
Bite your tongue! The only thing regarding Jay Leno that's a perfect fit is my foot and his butt.

Steve was good, but Billy really seems to have fun with it. And, again, he's much better than Whoopi.

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