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kevin75 09-21-03 11:38 PM

coupling S4. when?
with the rebroadcast of the S3 finale tonight on BBCAmerica and the upcoming debut of the bast..ahem, "americanized" version on thursday, does anyone know when season 4 is supposed to roll out?

huzefa 09-22-03 12:07 AM

Considering it hasn't even aired in the UK yet, I'd say we're in for a long wait before S4 comes to the US.

TheBigDave 09-22-03 02:18 AM

According to TVTome.com, Season 4 starts shooting in January 2004. But that news is a few months old.


Pac-Rat 09-22-03 03:11 PM

Best guess? Sometime in the first half of '05. Moffat has only mentioned one script being done ("Nine and a Half Minutes"), and hasn't said anything about negotiations with Richard Coyle, other than he can't talk about negotiations with Richard Coyle. If they're still trying to get him, it would make sense that only bits and pieces of other scripts have been planned out. Moffat likes to be vague about things so anything you read is pure speculation.

kevin75 09-22-03 07:19 PM

thanks for the info everyone. i wish they would hurry up with it, but if they still have to get richard coyle on board, then go ahead. jeff is the best!

Patman 09-23-03 11:02 AM

Why are their seasons so short?

I watched the first season on DVD, and really enjoyed the show and the characters.

Wallet Boy 09-23-03 01:02 PM

Originally posted by Patman
Why are their seasons so short?

Why are American seasons so long?

rfduncan 09-23-03 02:08 PM

Originally posted by Wallet Boy
Why are American seasons so long?
Truly! I'd easily rewatch the 6 episodes of Coupling over 4x rather than watch 24 mediocre/poorly written episodes of say Friends or Will & Grace. IF this show lasts on NBC, they will have burned through all 18 original British episodes before the end of season one. Does anyone think the writers will be able to sustain the genius of the original scripts after that? Extremely doubtful.

BTW this is normal tact for British television - Absolutely Fabulous, Ultraviolet, The Young Ones, Fawlty Towers. All had 6 episodes in their seasons. This of course gave the creative team a TON of room to make each episode sharp and brilliant... instead of the drab Friends episodes that they film several of in one day. -rolleyes-

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