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Morf 09-19-03 11:26 AM

He-Man & The Masters of the Universe: new eps start Oct 4
FYI for any He-Man/toon fans. Cartoon Network was start airing the new season of He-Man on October 4th. 4:30pm CST if I remember correctly:

October 4th - Council of Evil, Pt. 1
October 11th - Council of Evil, Pt. 2
October 18th - The Last Stand
October 25th - To Walk With Dragons
November 1st - Out of the Past

The Oct. 4th episode evidently deals with
the return of King Hiss and his joining of forces with Skeletor.

ugabuga 09-19-03 01:13 PM

how many episodes were in season 1

Morf 09-19-03 02:25 PM

Technically 26. See http://www.he-man.org/cartoon/motu/episodeguide.shtml

Although episodes 25 and 26 are being shown to start off the 2nd season, which will have 13 additional episodes.

Morf 09-30-03 12:34 PM

Just bumping this up as a reminder. Although it seems that no one cares. Too bad. I found the new He-Man series to be really good.

nightwing82 09-30-03 11:02 PM

Season 2 officially starts with "The Last Stand" which is Council of Evil Part 3. COE Part 1 & 2 are season one productions even though are being billed here in the states as the kick off for season 2.

King Hiss is not joing to join forces with Skeletor. They hate each other. And you won't see King Hiss in COE Parts 1 & 2. Those already aired in Canada and I've seen them. Most likely you won't hear from King Hiss until episodes 30 and 31 aka "Rise of the Snakemen" Parts 1 & 2. Out of the Past (ep 29) and the Power of Grayskull (ep 35) episodes for season 2 also look promising.

The new He-Man eps air every Saturday at 9:30pm est/pst as part of Cartoon Network's SVES block.

DVDProfessor 10-01-03 12:14 AM

I just got Cartoon Network today, as a matter of fact, I've been watching it all day, I love it! So it looks like tuned in just in time! I only saw one episode of the new He-Man (the premiere episode) so I hope it lives up to the older cartoons, the episode I saw was pretty crappy, here's hoping!

nightwing82 10-01-03 12:45 AM

The best episodes in season 1 (IMO) were:

Snake Pit, Separation, Underworld, Lessons, Monster Within

I'd try to catch the repeats of those.

However, season 2 looks like it is going to blow season 1 out of the water completely. Less filler, more mythos.

Morf 10-06-03 02:22 PM

What, does no one have any love left for He-Man?

Episode synopsis:


Skeletor's evil horde gets captured by He-Man and the Masters and put in prison. A period of peace comes to Eternia, and the King & Queen go on vacation and the Masters all leave to take care of misc. duties. Come to find out, Skeletor sent his horde in on a suicide mission of sorts to bring a false sense of security to Eternia, only to divide and conquer the Masters when they are least expecting it. He forms a new Council of Evil with the likes of Count Marzo, Evilseed, Webstor, and the 3 giants from an earlier episode. Part 1 ends with all of the Masters except He-Man, Teela, and Orko in Skeletor's dungeon.

mkdevo 10-06-03 02:24 PM

ugh! missed it! will this be shown again before next week's episode???

Morf 10-06-03 02:26 PM

Originally posted by mkdevo
ugh! missed it! will this be shown again before next week's episode???
It sure is. See http://schedule.cartoonnetwork.com/s...64&show=He-Man

TheBang 10-12-03 04:09 AM

Anyone watch Council of Evil, Pt. 2?

Damn, what an ending.

All the Masters captured. Sorceress incapacitated. Adam without his Power Sword. And surrounded by Skeletor and his Council of Evil, and then the Evil Warriors show up! It doesn't seem like it could get any worse! I have a feeling though, that the Evil Warriors, led by the Snake Men, will be gunning for revenge against Skeletor and the Council of Evil that replaced them. This is quite an amazing 3-parter, featuring some amazing battles and just about every character introduced in the series so far!

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