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Official Thoughts & Opinions on The World of Sid & Marty Krofft Thread

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Official Thoughts & Opinions on The World of Sid & Marty Krofft Thread

Old 09-18-03, 12:03 PM
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Official Thoughts & Opinions on The World of Sid & Marty Krofft Thread

Okay...I put this initially in the vast wasteland called "DVD Reviews" area but it stayed a week, no one read it, & there was not even one response to it. I know that there is a decent size following on this forum for these shows as everytime a Krofft show is mentioned there are huge posts talking about them. I looked forward to hearing people's thoughts not only on this set but also on the shows & got nada in the review forum. If I get nothing here, I will give up but I know there would be a better response in the TV forum.

So... let this not only be mine & your reviews of the set but also thought, opinions, etc. on all of their shows. Kind of an "Official Sid & Marty Krofft thread." Maybe they will let it stay in here if it is that as well. So without further ado...my original post:

I bought this the other day & have never seen a review for it so I thought I would just jot some thoughts down about the set for those of you who might have an interest (though if any of you have an interest, you probably already own it).

I, like many of you, grew up when Saturday morning meant something and you would highlight the TV Guide and fight with your sibling all morning over who got to watch what. I haven't seen may of these shows since the time they were last shown on TV ( or the once in a lifetime reruns shown on Nickelodeon a few years ago). Some of the shows on the set I have fond memories of, some I don't care for, and some I don't remember.

The set is good b/c it gives an episode from each of their shows and lets you have a little taste to see if you want (or can stand) more.

Disc 1: H.R. Pufnstuf
Episode #12: Book, Flute & Candle (aka Flute, Book, and Candle)
Theme Song Rating: A-
Laughtrack: Yes
Transfer: Poor with lots of dirt, scratches, and some minor film skips
Sound: Fair
Story: Smoking mushrooms turns Freddy the Flute into a mushroom. Jimmy (Jack Wild) dresses as a beggar and wears a modified version of his Artful Dodger costume from "Oliver!" so I guess you "Oliver!" completists out there have to buy this one. Jimmy dances and sings a song.
For the uninitiated: A boy and his dragon have adventures against an evil witch in a strange world. Think Wizard of Oz on acid.
Episode rating: B+

The Bugaloos
Episode #14 though one book says it is #8: Benita's Double Trouble
Theme Song Rating: A
Laughtrack: Yes
Transfer: Faded but suprisingly clean
Sound: I don't know if I have a defective disc but all the dialogue & major sound seemed to come from the left front speaker only.
Story: Bugaloo I.Q. dresses up as Benita to rescue the kidnapped Peter Platter to save the day (and sing a song).
For the uninitiated: English accented humans with wings are tormented by crazy Benita (Martha Raye). The Bugaloos usually perform an original song in every episode (kinda like an early Kidd Video). The song in this episode sounds a little like The Mamas And The Papas.
Episode Rating: B+

Episode #7: Take Me To Your Rabbit
Theme Song Rating: A
Closing Credit Song Rating: C
Laughtrack: Yes
Transfer: Clean for it's age
Sound: Fair
Story: Hoo Doo (Charles Nelson Reilly) loses his powers & dresses up as a female bunny (ala Bugs Bunny) to get his powers back. Must be seen to be believed.
For the uninitiated: Mark (Eddie Munster himself Butch Patrick) falls into a large hat at a Six Flags and emerges in Lidsville, a strange place populated by talking hats. Mark keeps trying to return home but his efforts always seem to fall short. Patrick is really too old for the role but Reilly makes up for it chewing on every piece of cheap cardboard scenery he can find.
Episode Rating: B+

Sigmund & The Sea Monsters
Episode #13: Trick Or Treat (aka Trigger Treat)
Theme Song Rating: A (star Johnny Whitaker sings it Beach Boys style!)
Closing Credits Song Rating: B-
Laughtrack: Yes
Transfer & Sound: Fair for both
Story: It's Halloween and Sigmund dresses as a boy dressed as Sigmund. Johnny sings a scary song.
For the Uninitiated: Sigmund is a sea monster who is befriended by two human brothers.
Episode Rating: B-

Disc 2: Land Of The Lost
Episode #5 though one book says #8: Skylons
Theme Song Rating: A
Closing Credits Song Rating: A+
Laughtrack: No
Transfer: the colors seem a bit off. Overall - poor
Sound: Fair
Story: One of the dullest episodes of Land of the Lost (which is a shame since it is my favorite Krofft show). Will and Holly change the weather inside a mysterious pylon.
For the Uninitiated: Father, son, and daughter fall down a waterfall into a prehistoric age and face the dangers there. Check out the separate dvd release for some better episodes.
Episode Rating: C-

Far Out Space Nuts
Episode #13: Birds Of A Feather
Theme Song Rating: B+
Closing Credits Song: D
Laughtrack: Yes
Transfer & sound: Fair
Story: Two chicken men kidnap the space nuts to take care of an egg. Look for a scene which directly rips off Laurel & Hardy with very unfunny results.
For the Uninitiated: Highly silly show with Bob Denver and Chuck McCann as two NASA employees who launch themselves into space.
Episode Rating: D-

The Lost Saucer
Episode #10: Return To The Valley Of The Chickaphants
Theme Song Rating: B-
Laughtrack: Yes
Transfer & sound: Fair
Story: Highly obnoxious episode with lots of screeching sound effects. The only saving factor is an embarrassed Jim Nabors. A Caveman kidnaps Fi while Fum tries to take care of a Elephicken. Um...I am not making this up.
For the Uninitiated: Two androids pick up a couple of kids and get lost in time and space where they meet all sorts of creatures. Look for the irritating "Dorse".
Episode Rating: F

Electrawoman and Dynagirl
Episode #6: The Pharaoh
Theme Song Rating: A
Laughtrack: No
Transfer & sound: Fair, although the framing seems off in places.
Story: The Pharoh tries to rule the world. E & D come to the rescue.
For the Uninitiated: Poor Batman rip-off with the delicious & young Deidre Hall and her cute electra-Robin. They use Electro Comp wristbands (three times the size of your current cell phone...on their wrists...in normal clothes...) to activate numerous electra-crime fighting devices. Electra-terrible...but fun.
Episode Rating: C+

Disc #3: Dr. Shrinker
Episode #9: Slowly I Turn
Theme Song Rating: B+
Laughtrack: Yes but very subdued
Transfer & sound: Fair
Story: Gordie does his best impression of Dr. Shrinker as he gets hit in the head over & over (and over and over and over).
For the Uninitiated: Dr. Shrinker shrinks (duh!) three teenagers and chases them. Much adventure ensues.
Episode Rating: A-

Episode #5: Maltese Gooneybird (aka Gooney Bird)
Theme Song Rating: C
Laughtrack: Yes but very subdued
Transfer & sound: Fair
Story: The kids get their packages switched with some spies. Spies get pissed. Speedy (oops)...uh...Wonderbug to the rescue.
For the Uninitiated: Three meddling kids ride in a beat-up dune buggy which turns in a super buggy whenever trouble rears its ugly head (which is every episode). A live action rip-off of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Speed Buggy. Gotta love the car sounds though.
Episode Rating: B-

Magic Mongo
Episode #8: Huli's Vacation
Theme Song Rating: B+ (sounds like ABBA guest-sang...sung...)
Laughtrack: Yes
Transfer & sound: Fair, although there is some occasional loud pops.
Story: Money stolen...kids must recover. No laughs ensue.
For the Uninitiated: An innocent Three's Company with a Genie! The best part is listening to the Genie talk. Lennie Weinrib plays Magic Mongo and if you watched one cartoon in the 70's or 80's...you know his voice.
Episode Rating: C+

Bigfoot And Wildboy
Episode #17 (though one book says #18): Return Of The Vampire
Theme Song Rating: A- (70's instrumental with narration & sound effects...awesome!)
Laughtrack: No
Transfer & sound: Fair
Story: Two crooks wake up an attractive female vampire complete with black cape, wax fangs & Jordache jeans. Bigfoot saves the day. Wildboy talks a lot and Bigfoot throws things. Awesome!
For the Uninitiated: Bigfoot raises boy in the wild...decides to name him...take a guess...Wildboy! They travel and have adventures. Bigfoot looks like a large Pakuni. Excellent new use of bionic sound effects when jumping, running and throwing things...which is often in just one episode! Slow-mo running with sound effects to simulate super-speed...it just doesn't get any better.
Episode Rating: A+

Pryor's Place
Episode #4: Voyage To The Planet Of The Dumb
Theme Song Rating: A+ (sung & written by Ghost-Buster Ray Parker Jr.)
Laughtrack: Yes
Transfer & sound: Unfortuately the best in the bunch
Story: Kids skip school. They visit arcade. They realize that they don't want to be dumb. Heavy handed message will tire you out before 5 minutes have passed. Watch only for the great breakdancing and neon...neon everywhere! Pat Morita guest-stars!
For the Uninitiated: Richard Pryor tries his hand at kid's TV. Since he can't curse...it fails. Really bad puppets...really bad acting...really bad stories...I just don't understand why it failed. You will be humming the Ray Parker Jr. song long after the TV has left your memories.
Episode Rating: D+

Overall Impression: The episodes average out to around a C+ but I have to raise it up to a B just because it's out there for sale. We are lucky to see any of these. I would have liked a better choice of episodes but it covers all of their main morning shows (with the exception of the 90's version of Land Of The Lost). No musical numbers from Kaptain Kool and the Kongs or The Bay City Rollers are included (which may or may not make you happy). I would have liked to have seen a whole episode of The Krofft Supershow or The Krofft Superstar Hour with everything but that may be asking too much.

Also note that when I said the transfer is fair, that is in regards to the source. These were all very low-budget & probably have not been well cared for over the years. Most of these are sub-VCR quality but hey...better than nothing.

So...that's is my take on these. For those of you out there...give your opinions. I love to wax nostalgic when it comes to my childhood Saturday mornings.
Old 09-18-03, 01:13 PM
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The length of your post may have something to do with the non-responses.

Seriously, I remembered these shows with fondness until I picked up the set. Obviously, the eyes of youth helped me to enjoy them more. But, it was still great fun.

Electra Woman

Very true on the quality: pretty piss-poor transfers.

The set is really just one big appetizer: you really want more once done. I haven't heard a thing about additional sets, but would love to see a few full season collections make their way to release.
Old 09-18-03, 02:04 PM
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Sadly, I never cared for a lot of the shows other than LOTL and Dr.S.

H.R. PufnStuff & Sigmund scared me as a kid much like the New Zoo Revue still does. Just something too freaky looking about them people in costumes.
Old 09-18-03, 03:08 PM
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Originally posted by Chew
The length of your post may have something to do with the non-responses.

Yeah...I wondered that too. I was just trying to be thorough (but hopefully interesting). I tend to write alot when it is something that really interests me.

I have kind of gone Krofft Krazy lately. I guess I am going thru a new wave of nostalgia. I also picked up two really good books lately on them. Pufnstuf & Other Stuff (cheap off half.com) & Sid & Marty Krofft: A critical study of saturday morning children's television, 1969-1993 (cheap off ebay). Both are very interesting reads if these show interest you.

Now if only I could find a cool Land of the Lost poster. And get a release date for those rumored season sets.

BTW, if this set really interests you, I got it super cheap off http://www.digitaleyes.net/index.cfm?affiliate=DVT for $28.98 shipped. Best price I have seen it go for.

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