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das Monkey 09-17-03 04:41 AM

Whoopi - 9.16.03
I expect the viewership to have dropped by at least 80%, but what the hell ... I'll start a thread anyway.

About the same as last week. Some eye-rollers but some funny moments as well. I thought this last week, and it felt like this again, but in a way, it reminds me of last season's <i>Colin Quinn Show</i>: hit or miss on the humor but very current and unafraid. I still like that about it and will tune in at least once more (assuming they air another episode).

"Here's something I can't figger: a White girl who talks like a -"
"We're leaving!!"

If anyone actually watched it, that's sure to piss off some people (along with the mockery of the Homeland Security Alert colors).


Patman 09-17-03 09:27 AM

You are one brave monkey...

das Monkey 09-17-03 09:31 AM

Somebody has to watch all this crap. :)


Charlie Goose 09-17-03 02:49 PM

I watched again AND found it even funnier than it was last week. That Iranian guy is hilarious with his paranoia and histrionics. He makes a good match for Whoopi. Five years from now, many of the jokes will be completely irrelevant (uh, I hope), but for today the show is brave, original, and funny.

So there.

http://charliegoose.homestead.com/files/goose.jpg Honk!

das Monkey 09-17-03 02:50 PM

Speak it, my brother!


Rogue588 09-17-03 02:52 PM

Yeah, but did the white chick get nekkid..?

Until that day, i'll only watch this show by accident..

das Monkey 09-17-03 02:55 PM

<BLOCKQUOTE> Quoth Rogue588 <HR SIZE=1>Yeah, but did the white chick get nekkid..?

Until that day, i'll only watch this show by accident..
It's this mentality that gets LIVE NUDE GIRLS into thread titles. ;)


Rogue588 09-17-03 03:02 PM

ah ha! but did I say
  • "this has to be the single most worthless show in the history of broadcast television" ?

  • "anyone who watches this show wouldn't recognize quality programming if it came up and smacked them on the ass..." ?
Nope. :p

Charlie Goose 09-17-03 06:27 PM

Originally posted by Rogue588
Yeah, but did the white chick get nekkid..?

Yes she did. Full frontal, with 8 or 9 seconds of actual penetration. Too bad you missed it. -ptth-

http://charliegoose.homestead.com/files/goose.jpg Honk!

nightwing82 09-18-03 12:01 AM

I enjoyed it and Happy Family.

Charlie Goose 09-18-03 01:16 AM

Originally posted by nightwing82
I enjoyed it and Happy Family.
Easy now cowboy, let's not get carried away on Happy Family.

http://charliegoose.homestead.com/files/goose.jpg Honk!

darth bird 09-18-03 03:27 PM

you enjoy Whoopi, but not Happy Family? Yikes.

Jeremy517 09-18-03 04:38 PM

Originally posted by das Monkey
Somebody has to watch all this crap. :)


Thanks for taking one for the team :up:

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