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Patman 09-16-03 10:40 AM

Dead Like Me 9/12/03
Finally watched this episode, and again, it's a winner. What's really interesting is that these reapers are who they are, and while they experience personal growth, at their core, they are who they are, and act in ways that are consistent, but also surprise you.

Also, the frankness of dialogue exchanges on this show is really delicious and fun.

Loved the way they integrated the paintings by Hopper into the visuals of the story this time around.

dgmayor 09-16-03 12:57 PM

My only complaint about this episode was that it was practically a clip show. It's only the 11th episode of the first season for pete's sake!

Patman 09-16-03 01:38 PM

I'll admit to fast-forwarding through the clips, but otherwise, there's some good writing and character growth showcased in the clips, so I wasn't as bothered by it.

elias 09-16-03 04:52 PM

Yeah, I wan't a big fan of the clips but assumed this was done as a hopping on point for new viewers.

Still a solid and enjoyable episode.

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