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RichC2 09-16-03 12:07 AM

R.I.P. Harry Goz: 1932 - 2003
is the week of the 11th cursed or what?

Anyway, didn't see a post.. And sure he isn't as well known as the legendary Johnny Cash or the classic John Ritter, but he's still got a place in my heart as Cpt. Murphy.

He's done a few movies (Marathon Man and Mommie Dearest) I've managed to see, even if just smaller parts in 'em. And most recently doing V.A. work on the show Sealab 2021 (Formally: Captain Hazel 'Hank' Murphy) and apparently died of cancer.


Chad 09-16-03 01:45 AM

I saw that last night on Adult Swim. :(

Harry Goz filmography:

I wonder if CN will continue to make new episodes of Sealab 2021?

marty888 09-16-03 10:17 AM

He also had a distinguished career on the stage, including taking over the lead role (Tevye) in the original production of <i>Fiddler on the Roof</i> and appearing in the original Broadway production of the ABBA musical <i>Chess</i>.

costanza187 09-16-03 10:34 AM

It really sucks that everybody seems to be dying this month.

Geofferson 09-16-03 10:38 AM


milo bloom 09-16-03 04:06 PM

I wondered who that was. Nice that they put it after one of the greatest Sealab eps ever too.

grip 09-16-03 07:35 PM

alright, I cannot find a picture of him.....can someone please provide?


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