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Deftones 09-07-03 03:06 PM

Isn't September awesome for TV?
Baseball is winding down to the playoffs.

Football is starting up.

Season premieres galore!

I love this month!

nny 09-07-03 05:13 PM

I used to love September, but it seems that the more edgy shows are premiering in the summer or at midseason. I honestly don't see any new show this fall being anywhere near as good as Nip/Tuck or Dead Like Me. Aintitcool.com put up the 10 new shows they're most looking forward to and half of them were midseason. I think last season the 2 shows I was most looking forward to were The Shield and Miracles, both midseason.

I didn't mean to bring you down. It's just that that aintitcool article got me thinking that there's not really that much to look forward to right now. Even the 3 shows I'm most looking forward to this fall (Angel, Scrubs, Karen Sisco) aren't premiering till October 1.

clemente 09-07-03 05:37 PM

I haven't used aintitcool as a barometer of what I should find interesting for several years now, but to each his own.

They're quality stuff out there, you just have to do the leg work yourself and find what's worth watching. I've seen plenty of shows that got now pre-season press and turned into my favorite shows.

Copenhagen 09-07-03 05:44 PM

I just let das tell me what to watch, takes the guess work out of it ;)

Seriously I do love this month now (used to hate it a a kid due to school). Like Def posted Baseball, Football (Hockey late month), and new shows. Best month for TV viewing IMO.

nny 09-07-03 08:54 PM

May's my favorite month for tv. So many of the best episodes of dramas are their season finales.

DRG 09-08-03 06:32 PM

Most of the stuff I watch won't be starting until October, and in one case November (Simpsons).

tha_dvd_man 09-08-03 08:27 PM

My favorite month for tv is definitely October. I love all the cool Halloween-related shows and programs. :)

marty888 09-09-03 10:25 AM

Re: Isn't September awesome for TV?
It <i>always</i> looks good until the shows are actually broadcast .... then reality sets in .... and these days <i>reality</i> sets in with a vengence!

ChrisHicks 09-09-03 10:29 AM

too bad most of the new shows prob. won't make it to next month though.

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