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Tom Banjo 09-02-03 10:27 PM

Nip/Tuck 9/2
Another good episode. I was green with envy on Matt's situation. :D Next week's looks like a really good episode with the
sex party.

immortal_zeus 09-03-03 04:13 AM

Okay after this episode, Matt <I>HAS TO BE</I> Christian's offspring! Lucky mofo.


Iron Chef 09-03-03 07:41 AM

I've never seen this show before last night. I flipped to it during a commercial to see
2 girls kissing naked in bed!
, and couldn't look away.

I'm going to have to watch this show more often.

Josh Z 09-03-03 02:07 PM

Another great episode. You just knew that the formerly-fat girl's internet boyfriend was going to turn out to be fat, but the look on her face was priceless anyway.

freedexter 09-03-03 04:51 PM

I didn't get the chance to catch the whole episode, but I think the formely-fat girl was Mary Cherry from "Popular", which the creator of Nip/Tuck also created.

Another useless fact from freedexter.

jpcamb 09-04-03 07:51 AM

I enjoyed this episode, first TV for me in about 5 days as I was away on vacation, what a thing to come back to. I thought Matt was going to blow it or be left on the sidelines as he's a tad bit of a wuss. But he is Christianís son so he did good.

The b/f at the end being a fatty was no surprise, you had to expect it.

The 7 turned 11 seems a bit of a psycho, amazing that Christian can't spot that from her. I was surprised to see the goody two shoe kissing the women with the mastectomy but you could sense there was something up there from the exam, a bit too intimate and no assistant on the spot which I would think would have been the norm.

Next weeks episode looks like a scorcher. almost smacks of season finale. anyone know how many new episodes left?

Patman 09-04-03 09:12 AM

This is show is another truly guilty pleasure. Loving it so far.

Goz 09-04-03 09:18 AM

Originally posted by jpcamb
Next weeks episode looks like a scorcher. almost smacks of season finale. anyone know how many new episodes left?
According to the FX website, there are 7 episodes left, October 21st is scheduled to be the season finale.

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