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El-Kabong 07-29-03 12:23 PM

The Return of Blake's 7!
Well, this is totaly unexpected news:

One of the stars of cult sci-fi series Blake's 7 has signed a deal to bring the show back to screens more than 20 years after it ended.

Paul Darrow, who played the ruthless anti-hero Avon, is in a consortium that has acquired the rights to the show from the widow of its creator, Terry Nation.

Made as a UK answer to Star Wars or Star Trek, Blake's 7 became a hit between 1978-81 - despite its shaky sets and basic effects.

A new TV mini-series, starring Darrow, will have a budget of $5-6m (3-3.7m), the show's website said.

That will lead onto a full series or a string of TV movies, the consortium members hope.

Darrow has acquired the rights with producers Andrew Mark Sewell and Simon Moorhead.

"British science fiction has remained in the doldrums far too long," Mr Sewell said.

"We believe that our plans will deliver a compelling science fiction drama that appeals to the sensibilities of today's audience both domestically and internationally."

The new mini-series will pick up the story 25 years on, but Darrow will be the only original cast member to return.

A tentative transmission date has been set for spring 2005, its website says - conditional on "many factors, not least financing".

The group behind the new show say it has endured better than any other British sci-fi series, and there is a strong global appetite for science fiction.

Darrow said: "The programme had such a gritty and dramatic style that was every bit as great an influence on the genre as the original Star Trek."
Now if only they could get the new Doctor Who off the ground, British Sci-Fi wouldnt be in the doldrums. Still, I'm excited by the news.

Chew 07-29-03 12:28 PM

:up: Cool news!

I remember many a Sunday night at college watching Blake's 7 followed by Dr. Who on PBS.

Hopefully British sci-fi has improved in the "sets" and "FX" departments since these two shows went off the air.

El-Kabong 07-29-03 12:41 PM

Well, doing a little more surfing around, I found the official website - which has more slick production that the entire run of the orignal show. Still, it seems like things are moving along nicely!

Josh Z 07-29-03 01:23 PM

Originally posted by Chew
Hopefully British sci-fi has improved in the "sets" and "FX" departments since these two shows went off the air.
At a guess, I'd expect an undertaking like this to have similar production values to recent British 'epic' miniseries such as Gormenghast. Which is to say nice sets and costumes, and at least passable digital effects.

Chew 07-29-03 02:12 PM

Which would be nice. Gormenghast was an entertaining mini-series and would like to see production quality along those lines.

The only thing is: maybe they stuck more money in it because it was a mini-series?

Oh well, a return to TV for Blake's 7 in even the quality of the original would be welcomed.

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