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Buttmunker 06-26-03 09:08 AM

"I Know My First Name Is Steven"
Last night, I caught some of I Think My First Name Is Steven on LifeTime, and while this was not my first time watching the mini-series, I forced myself to stay up to the end (which was after one in the morning). This prompted me to go online afterwards to see if there were any books written on the affair, and I found that the Stayner family had more problems that I had initially realized.

The book has the same title as the movie, so that was easy to find, and I read some of the user comments about the book. Just to give you a little background on this tragic true story - little Steven Stayner, 7-years old, gets kidnapped while walking home from school in 1972. He remains abducted for seven years, and returns home to his family at the age of 14. Steven had several sisters, and one older brother named Cary, and I found out in reading the reviews that Cary Stayner is an accused serial murderer of Yosemite National Park! Apparently, through the years of worrying about little Steven, the rest of the children in the Stayner family - including Cary - felt neglected. The story of the other brother is called The Yosemite Murders, and I picked that up as well.

I should receive the two books soon.

Norm de Plume 06-26-03 03:12 PM

That's a heartrending movie. I wish it were on DVD.

A few other facts:
-Steven Staynor died tragically in a motorcycle crash in 1990.
-His abductor and captor of 7 years, Kenneth Parnell, served only 5 years (!?!) in prison.
-Readily available on the internet is Parnell's address:
2630 Mathews, Berkeley, Ca Two phone #s: (510) 848-1123 (510) 848-1374 (in the event someone living in Berkeley wants to drop by or give him a shout)
-There's an active, ongoing discussion about the case, as well as that of Staynor's brother at: www.webforums.com/forums/f-read/msa78.305.html

Here's the latest on this remorseless perv. The article is from 1/4/03.

Convicted Kidnapper Kenneth Parnell Arrested in Berkeley

Sue McGuire for KCBS-740 AM
(KCBS)--Berkeley Police report that a notorious convicted kidnapper has been arrested for allegedly "trying to buy a child."

Berkeley Police spokeswoman Mary Kusmiss tells KCBS that Kenneth Parnell was taken into custody at his home in Berkeley Friday night "on a number of felony charges."

"We received information from a community member, what you might term as a citizen informant acting on his or her own volition, that Mr. Parnell had been actively soliciting to obtain a small child," said Kismuss. "We were able to garner enough evidence to get a search warrant for his address and arrest him on probable cause for the solicitation."

Parnell was convicted of kidnapping 7-year-old Steven Stayner in Merced in 1972. He was also charged with the abduction of 5-year-old Timothy White of Ukiah. Both boys were taken as they were walking home from school.

Stayner is the brother of convicted Yosemite killer Cary Stayner, who was recently given the death penalty for killing three tourists.

Berkeley police said Parnell had been under investigation for some time, and a search warrant was served at his home late Friday night.

He was taken to the Berkeley Police Department for questioning.

Parnell served 5 years in prison, and three years parole for the kidnapping. He was released to Alameda County in 1988 where he was required to attend weekly therapy sessions and stay away from children.

He was also prohibited from traveling through Mendocino or Merced Counties.

(Copyright 2003 KCBS. All rights reserved.)

Buttmunker 07-05-03 07:40 AM

I will probably never understand "the system." The American Justice system, in regards to the handling of Kenneth Parnell, is heartrending. I read that the statutes of limitations for kidnapping in California is just three years. Same with sexual abuse. Three years?!? Then, to add sprinkles, Parnell got convicted of 2nd Degree Kidnapping, since there was no random demands or bodily harm (they do not consider sexual abuse 'bodily harm').


conscience 07-06-03 04:24 PM

the way steven's dad treated him after he found out he was sodomized made me so :mad: ....

so sick is what these people are who do these things to kids.

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