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Mark Holtz 06-25-03 06:19 PM

Which reality series would you like to see a box set of?
Considering some of the reality series that have been out there... which would be worthy of a TV box set? While some may not be as popular later because we know the winner, some of the series bears rewatching. Thus, the poll...

Youth N Asia 06-25-03 06:28 PM

I actually liked The Mole and Boot Camp. But I wouldn't buy a reality show on DVD. If I could pick one though it would actually be Murder in Small Town X

mookiemeister 06-25-03 09:19 PM

I don't know how much replay value a reality show has. You don't see any reruns of those shows. Anyways, if I have to pick one to be on DVD, I think I want The Mole. It's probably the most intelligent of all the reality shows out there.

DRG 06-25-03 10:07 PM

Amazing Race or the Mole for me... but they'd have to be relatively inexpensive to consider.

Red Dog 06-25-03 10:27 PM

Family Business

I don't see any value in owning reality game shows on DVD.

garmonbozia 06-25-03 11:21 PM

I think TAR is the only one even slighty rewatchable.

Mark Holtz 06-26-03 12:36 AM

I forgot Murder In Small Town X.

I picked The Amazing Race because it was a competition that took you places around the world and The Mole because it was a thinking person's show.

RandyC 06-26-03 01:05 AM

The Mole. That would be very cool.

Youth N Asia 06-26-03 02:49 AM

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Red Dog
[B]Family Business

I think the question was geared more to reality gaming shows. With contests and whatnot.

I could see Family Business being on DVD

turborobb 06-26-03 03:21 AM

I think the Mole is the only one I could enjoy watching over again on DVD, it is by far the smartest show.

Mole DVD Set... now!!

BenCJedi 06-26-03 07:44 AM

I'll also have to say Murder in Small Town X. Besides a reality show at least it had a plot and real mystery. Plus for those that don't know:

The very deserving winner (firefighter) for this show gave his life during 911

tasha99 06-26-03 06:39 PM

I don't know the name of it, but I would rent that PBS show where a group of people lived like pioneers. I think there wasn't a bunch of nastiness to that one, so I would probably like watching more than the odd episode here and there . The idea of voting people off like they do on many of those shows is a real turnoff to me. I've watched one called Elimidate a few times, and it's kind of sickening how mean people are to each other--all to win a date with someone who rarely seems to me to be a prize.


littlefuzzy 06-26-03 10:48 PM

Where is the choice for "NONE, they all stink!?"

LaxBandit 06-26-03 11:19 PM

Voted for Amazing Race.

Mole/Mole #2 would be second. (especially #2 since I saw the first three episodes when they aired orginially, then taped the rest when they came back, let a friend borrow the tapes before I was able to watch them and he messed them up!)

Murder In Small Town X would be another since I regret not getting into it.

Man, one season of Big Brother would be a alot of DVD's!


MasterCXtreme 06-27-03 08:52 PM

I liked the mole alot, I'm glad many of you did too. I wouldn't buy any of these though.

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