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jkingfish 06-25-03 01:21 PM

Dead Like Me on Showtime: Anyone?

I just saw this and had heard nothing about it before. Does anyone else know anything about it? I think it looks kinda cool. Definately an interesting premise. Plus, Showtime has been releasing some underrated shows recently. Too bad they can't seem to build the hype machine that HBO has been successful with.

Geofferson 06-25-03 04:38 PM

Looks like it may have a hint of promise. I'll give it a watch...

Youth N Asia 06-25-03 06:22 PM

I can't watch the show. I just hate Rebecca "I went drunk driving and killed a kid and got off with probation cause I'm famous" Gayheart.

Dunno, something about her just bugs me.

Blaster1 06-25-03 06:48 PM

The trailer looks good. I'm going to watch.

tsohg 06-25-03 07:49 PM

I'ma watch just for Jasmine Guy I have had a crush on her since her A Different World days.

Chew 06-25-03 09:18 PM


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