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freedexter 06-19-03 03:10 PM

Gilmore Girl's spinoff canceled.

BACK TO STARS HOLLOW: The WB scrapping a proposed Gilmore Girls spinoff, which would have starred Milo Ventimiglia, because the cost of shooting on location in Venice, California, was prohibitive.
<a href="http://www.eonline.com/News/firstlook.html">E!Online</a>

That's such BS. I highly doubt the only reason they chose not to pick up the show is because it's too expensive to shoot in that location. Just go to Canada, where everybody else goes.

Ah well. Bye Jess. Please don't come back. (And if he did, it would so hard to explain. Well not really, but it would be hard for me to buy into, especially after the season finale.)

Tscott 06-19-03 04:25 PM

That's too bad. I was looking forward to seeing Sherilyn Fenn in a weekly TV role again. She played Jess' father's girlfriend in that episode. She was looking (and acting :eek: ) the best I've seen her since the end of Twin Peaks.

Jeremy517 06-19-03 04:37 PM

I'd guess it was really cancelled because there is no way that the character of jess could carry a show for an hour a week.

I hope they don't try to bring him back to Gilmore Girls.

MrPeanut 06-19-03 04:49 PM

As much as I hate(d) the Jess character, the actor wasn't too bad. It would be unfortunate if something stupid like this ended his career. But as long as he's off Gilmore girls... well, that's all I ask.

Jeremy517 06-19-03 04:51 PM

I'd guess that WB will try to give him a different show where his character isn't so obnoxious.

freedexter 06-19-03 04:53 PM

From what I read about the actor, Milo Ventimiglia had signed a contract with the WB, sort of a "first dibs" kind of thing, so before he was cast as Jess, he was being paid for not working for other companies. So I guess the WB really liked him. I guess he'll survive then.

With Young McGuyver not being picked up, and "Dawson's Creek" gone, there's a possibility that they bring that stupid Rory/Dean/Jess triangle back and milk it until everybody is sick of it. I'll get the noose ready...

Jeremy517 06-19-03 05:07 PM

You mean we're not sick of it already?

This is a perfect time for them to dump that story altogether. Rory heading off to college, Dean engaged, and Jess across the country. If they try to force everyone back together, I'm going to be really disappointed.

freedexter 06-19-03 05:30 PM

<a href="http://tv.zap2it.com/news/tvnewsdaily.html?31908">A more in-depth story</a>. They still claim it's all about money. Yeah, sure.

Sadly, Tristian won't be back. He was the only one to get his pilot picked up. I find him a bit charming, but maybe it's for the best.

B.A. 06-19-03 05:42 PM

I am a little disappointed, but not that much. I don't need anymore shows to watch anyway.

clemente 06-19-03 06:08 PM

I have faith in AMP to not bring the love triangle back up. It just didn't work.

It just wouldn't feel organic either with Rory at Yale. I do wonder how'll they'll balance the college/Stars Hollow thing.

Anywho, very good news!
Money....not because no one would watch! :)

criptik28 06-19-03 07:17 PM

Dean's getting married, though, so it'd be a VERY contrived love triangle.

Jeremy517 06-19-03 07:29 PM

Originally posted by criptik28
Dean's getting married, though, so it'd be a VERY contrived love triangle.
Engagements to basically a non-existant character can be ended very quickly, simply by Rory running into Dean and him telling her that the engagement was called off. Remember, Rory and Lorelai are in Europe for the summer, so the start of next season will be a few months later in the timeline than when the last season ended.

MrPeanut 06-19-03 09:11 PM

Yes, considering Dean getting married came from out of nowhere like that, I would imagine they could end it just as haphazardly. Though they shouldn't.

And I don't doubt that this is over anything more than money vs. the expected revenue from the show.

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