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PacMan2006 06-19-03 01:33 AM

Ninja Turtles on FOXBOX: Still New Episodes?
I just wanted to know if this cartoon is still airing new episodes on Saturday morning, or if they are done with the season and are in reruns?

Blaster1 06-19-03 01:45 AM

There are still new episodes coming on. The last episode was 18 and that aired last Saturday. They are currently in continuing storyline that has been going on the last 2 episodes. I think the final episode of the shredder strikes back storyline airs this upcoming Saturday.

PacMan2006 06-19-03 03:34 AM

Thanks. Are they still showing re-runs of the previous episode on the same day? Like, for example, will the ep that was on last Sat be on this coming Sat at 9:30 am, followed by th new ep at 10:30 am?

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