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hgar78 06-17-03 10:15 AM

question about actor promotion
i was thinking of this the other day...

some actors never do tv shows to promote their work. they seem to do the press junkets but never anything with an audience. why? do they just not want to be put on the spot? is it the press junket stuff that is in their contract and the tv stuff is just up to them or what?

some i can think of: johnny depp, leo dicaprio, jodie foster, keanu reeves, and brad pitt. who else can you think of?

clemente 06-17-03 07:23 PM

Keanu Reeves was on Leno pimping TMR.

But yeah, usually promotion availability is usually a contractual thing....and maybe some people just don't like being on a talk show. Just cause they're celebrities doesn't mean they like going on national TV and talking about themselves.

Jay G. 06-17-03 07:33 PM

Robert Deniro is averse to publicity runs

Alyoshka 06-18-03 04:03 PM

I've heard that Leonardo either refuses to do talk shows or really hates it.

Amel 06-18-03 04:58 PM

Johnny did the Actors Studio with James Lipton somewhat recently. And someone told me he'll be on 60 minutes this Friday. I don't know any actual reason why, but I've always got the feeling that he just doesn't like the "celebrity" part of being an actor.

I've seen Keanu on quite a few shows over the years. Just recently on Leno and/or Letterman, and Regis.

caligulathegod 06-18-03 05:16 PM

I saw Robert Deniro on the Today show a few weeks ago, but it was for the Tribeca Film Festival, so I can understand him shilling for that.

Amel 06-18-03 09:31 PM

a friend just told me that Johnny will be on Letterman tonight. I would think it's for promotion of Pirates. Maybe it's in his contract that he has to do the tv tour thing.

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