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a123slonky 06-16-03 12:30 PM

2003 MTV Movie Awards
Anyone know if they are ever going to re-air this? They usually show these over and over. I checked the mtv site and got nothing. Thanks in advance.

das Monkey 06-16-03 12:33 PM

According to Yahoo!

Jun 17 07:00pm
Jun 20 01:00pm
Jun 21 05:00pm


Jackskeleton 06-16-03 01:08 PM

I'm sure they will be doing much more then just those couple of days.

atari2600 06-16-03 02:42 PM

oh man i just saw the matrix spoof opening for the first time. LOL!

vis a vis! concordance!

Jonny2k1 06-16-03 04:46 PM

Have you ever known MTV not to re-air something?

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