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Rogue588 06-12-03 11:41 PM

Tom Green to host "Late Show" tonite..
I guess Dave is going to be having permanent guest host nites on Fridays.

Tonight's is Tom Green.

Don't know how I feel about that..

Jackskeleton 06-13-03 12:44 AM

argh.. why oh why?

immortal_zeus 06-13-03 12:50 AM

Tonight is Friday? :confused:


Chew 06-13-03 06:14 AM

Thanks for the info.

I'll be deleting off the TiVo "to do" list when I get home.

Flay 06-13-03 08:58 AM

Tom must be warming up for his late night show on MTV.

I bet he tones down his act for Late Night.

hgar78 06-13-03 09:50 AM

:( this could be very, very bad......

devilshalo 06-13-03 11:51 AM

Next Friday (6/20) is Kelsey Grammer and the last Friday (6/27) will be Jimmy Fallon.

Rogue588 06-13-03 12:03 PM

Originally posted by devilshalo
Next Friday (6/20) is Kelsey Grammer and the last Friday (6/27) will be Jimmy Fallon.
-ohbfrank- OMG. While Kelsey could possibly bring the funny, tonite and Fallon will suckekekekekeke..

Iron_Giant 06-13-03 12:08 PM

I am sure am glad I will be on the road traveling to Yosemite. I would rather be in God's great landscape than watch Tom Green host anything.

FuzzyBallz 06-13-03 03:26 PM

Here's CBS's promo for tonight -

"Get ready to watch Tom fingers the whole Last Show crew tonight on CBS!"

Letterman should just quit, the old bag can't even do a week's work w/o having a stroke.

Rogue588 06-13-03 04:04 PM

Yeah...it'd be so much better if he was on 5 days a week and phoned in the funny like a certain slack-chined host. -rolleyes-

Though, comparing Letterman to another redheaded late show host who takes a day off, i'd rather have a nite of guest hosting fresh material instead of a repeat. That was one of the things that killed the claymation episode for me...Conan's constant Monday night repeats.

Of course I helped it by actually watching it again...but I digress.

AndyCapps 06-13-03 04:35 PM

I might have to tune in for this. Hopefully Drew Barrymore's not a guest...

HistoryProf 06-14-03 12:19 AM

he actually wasn't all that bad....some funny moments actually. Getting checked by Scott Stevens was hilarious. :)

vdadlani219 06-14-03 12:22 AM

Didn't Letterman used to tape his Friday shows on Thursdays?

shaun3000 06-14-03 02:13 AM

Yes. So he's not really taking a day off... he's jsut not doing two shows on Thursdays, any more.

And he's worked for over twenty years, never missing a day except for his heart surgery and then the shingles in his eye. He deserves it.

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