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goLUCKY 06-11-03 08:22 AM

Anyone else watching Croc Hunter LIVE?
I watched mondays episode, two hours of live footage and it was great. Three croc caputres, I even heard Steve say "crap".

Then I watched yesterday's episode..... ehhhhhh...... mostly clips from older captures with a few seconds of LIVE after every break. So does anyone know what happened? I guess just one LIVE show and that's it.

BizRodian 06-11-03 08:26 AM

On monday here it was playing against For Love or Money, and Christina's cleavage was just more tempting than melodramatic Australians (I flipped back and forth for the first ten minutes... :))

McHawkson 06-11-03 05:43 PM

They claimed it will be live shows whole this week. So, let's see.

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