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RoQuEr 06-10-03 11:53 PM

Family Guy: Did they change the voiceactors?
I had to turn off the current episode on adult swim cause the voices were driving me crazy. Did one of the actors quit?

caligulathegod 06-11-03 12:08 AM

The daughter was originally Lacey Chabert but then changed to Mila Kunis. Everyone else is the same.

Jobronie 06-11-03 01:01 AM

Same people, different sounding voices (except for Meg, as was noted). This was the first ep; most of the voices are less over-the-top than in later eps.

Lois is definitely lower pitch and less shrill in the earlier eps. Chris is less manic and less Bobcat Goldthwaith-y. Even Quagmire sounded slightly different.

clemente 06-11-03 10:30 PM

Cartoon Network started airing the episodes with Season 2 (wise move if you ask me) and just now cycled back to season 1.

Similar situation with the Simpson early episodes, the actors hadn't perfectly honed their voices yet. And as already pointed out, Meg was changed....for the better obviously.

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