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movieking 06-09-03 03:31 PM

For Love Or Money Scandal
Did a quick search and didn't find this here on the forum, so here you go:

'For Love or Money' Star Hid JAG Scandal

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - The women on "For Love or Money" know a secret that the man they're pursuing doesn't. They know that the winner can pocket a million dollars for ditching him. However, the show's central hunk also seems to be holding back, one that he kept from the women and NBC officials alike.

Attorney Rob Campos' official NBC biography and the one on his law firm's web site both reference the "For Love or Money" hunk's experiences in the JAG Corps. Neither bio mentions the drunken incident that got Campos booted from the JAG training program and ultimately led to the end of his military career.

Naturally, the scandal was unearthed by the good folks at TheSmokingGun.com.

A spokesperson for NBC and the show's producer Bruce Nash told TheSmokingGun.com that Campos failed to disclose the problems he caused in mid-June, 1999 while he was training in Newport, Rhode Island. After a night of drinking, Campos allegedly barged into the room of a the-27-year-old fellow trainee, made advances and groped her before she kneed him in the groin and fled the room.

According to interviews conducted by TSG, the female trainee didn't immediately report the incident, but rumors spread and she was finally interviewed by Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents. Campos was immediately removed from the JAG course. The victim in the incident refers to Campos as "that big jerk, that big meathead," but seems to view the implosion of his military career as punishment enough.

Because the military incident was not in the public record, it didn't come up when NBC's investigator did his search.

For his part, Campos, in an interview with TSG, remembers the drinking, but nothing else that may have followed. He still suggests that the woman's story may have been a fabrication, offering, "My buddies said she got angry because I was too drunk to get it up."

In a slightly less sleazy and somewhat more contrite statement to the press, Campos says that he has apologized to NBC and to Nash for casually forgetting to mention this smudge on his record.

"I received two commendations while in the military, as well as an honorable discharge, and did not believe that the incident was relevant to my potential participation in the show," Campos disingenuously says. "In connection with the incident, I have acknowledged that I behaved inappropriately."

NBC has no plans to pull the show, which has already completed shooting. It will, however, be much easier to root for the women to take the money over the boor.

Red Dog 06-09-03 03:36 PM

Coming to a future episode of JAG (or NCIS).

BizRodian 06-09-03 03:50 PM


Draven 06-09-03 04:34 PM

What is WRONG with these reality show screening processes? Do you think they find out this stuff but don't care?

I mean, I'd understand if one or two slipped under the radar, but it seems The Smoking Gun has no problems finding this stuff out. Maybe they should be TSG to investigate for them?

movieking 06-09-03 04:36 PM

Being a cynic, I am starting to wonder if these shows intentionally let people with bad pasts on in order to get them in the news when it eventually breaks and milk every bit of the publicity.

shaggybrown 06-09-03 04:59 PM

kind of makes the choice at the end that much easier now huh?

B.A. 06-09-03 05:48 PM

So he's a bad drunk? I thought tonight's episode was going to show us that. What do we need the smoking gun for? ;) jk

Come on ladies! Take the money and run!

das Monkey 06-09-03 05:57 PM

I figured it'd be another week or two before NBC leaked a predictably "controversial" ratings ploy.


Alyoshka 06-09-03 07:04 PM

Originally posted by das Monkey
I figured it'd be another week or two before NBC leaked a predictably "controversial" ratings ploy.

Summer shows have to do it a little sooner than fall or spring seasons.

BizRodian 06-09-03 10:16 PM

I saw it tonight. I guess the preview explained it all.. but spoilers just in case...

He got drunk, then started acting like he owned these women. He had them take off his boots! lol! He had one girl bend over and pull the first one off, then the other girl do it backwords, so he could see her bend over from behind! then he was going around to each one in the hot tub and acting like a total player, groaping and such, in front of the other girls. I don't know if this is normal behavior on these shows, because I've never watched before. As a result, all the girls were totally sickened by him. The next morning he came around to say he was sorry, then all the girls forgave him. Rather funny.

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