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devilshalo 06-05-03 11:39 AM

Jerry Lewis on Conan O'Brien 6/4/03
Wow.. I didn't even recognize the guy :(


Didn't know how bad a shape he was in. Sad to see how much physical pain he's been in.

Groucho 06-05-03 11:41 AM

Did he sing "Great Balls of Fire"?

bboisvert 06-05-03 12:11 PM

The 'puffy' look is because of steriod treatments he's been on...

movieking 06-05-03 12:12 PM

Jerry Lee Lewis does not equal Jerry Lewis.

I saw him on the View a few days ago. Big dude, but he says that he is not in as much pain as he used to because of certain new drugs he is on. They did cause his weight gain though.

GuessWho 06-05-03 12:13 PM

Originally posted by Groucho
Did he sing "Great Balls of Fire"?
Goodness gracious!

Rogue588 06-05-03 12:32 PM

yes, but regardless of his appearance...he still brought the funny.

hotaru_san 06-05-03 11:35 PM

The funny was in there indeed. One great episode. I loved how Conan was mixed into the jerry's kids telecast.

Deftones 06-06-03 12:08 AM

i almost didn't recognize Jerry. He was pretty funny on there. Was sad when he was talking about committing suicide. That's a horrible thing to want to do.

HistoryProf 06-06-03 10:18 PM

Holy crap was that wierd....i was flicking through the channels and happened upon Conan and was trying to figure out who the drunk fat guy was.....took a few minutes before he finally gave a trademark "wah" sound....completelly unrecognizable. Sad sad sad.....especially since I just watched King of Comedy a few nights ago.......

Jobronie 06-07-03 07:08 AM

I first saw The Auteur's condition on the '02 telethon.

I seriously thought he was doing a 'bit' with Jiminy Glick......

vallerie 06-07-03 01:08 PM

Man he shocked me. I barely recognized him. My mom saw him on his telethon last year and she told me how big he was. And the next day or so I saw a picture of him on the tabloids. I couldn't believe it because you know how the papers alter pictures. I wanted to see Jerry Lewis again because I missed him on the telethon. Well I finally did. On Conan. But the man still funny and still cracks me up!

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