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atari2600 06-05-03 12:06 AM

frat life (6/4/03) on mtv
did anyone watch this? early in the show right after they take the test, did they say STEVE was the only one to get above an 80 (i think they said he got an 89)?

did i hear that right? STEVE?!?! the only one? hes an idiot!

MrX 06-05-03 12:19 AM

I'm pretty sure that's what they said. I'm sad to see this show go. Some of the stuff they did was hilarious.

atari2600 06-05-03 12:42 AM

yeah it was. but i was wrong. he was the only one who failed. sometimes they need to put the captioning on...usually when they do i dont need it!

Red Dog 06-05-03 08:06 AM

I hate the way MTV mixes the music into their reality shows. It makes it so hard to hear the dialogue at times.

Was this the last one? My recording cut off at the end and I forgot to pad.

Timber 06-05-03 09:00 AM

This season seemed way to short. If it was real world it would've been dragged on for 6 months. It wasn't much of a season finale, seemed like they tried to cram to much into 30 minutes.

Red Dog 06-05-03 09:11 AM

Yeah - what was that - about a dozen episodes?

ClarkKentKY 06-05-03 10:22 AM

I thought they said he was the only one that passed too!?!? I was confused for the rest of the episode.

I'm going to watch really closely when it reruns.

Dr. DVD 06-05-03 02:03 PM

Is this about a real nationally recognized fraternity?

Red Dog 06-05-03 02:09 PM

Originally posted by Dr. DVD
Is this about a real nationally recognized fraternity?

It's a local (same with the sororities they follow). I doubt any national would allow a chapter to take part in this.

atari2600 06-05-03 05:43 PM

im glad someone didnt get in (more glad that it was steve). usually in these mtv reality crap shows, it always has drama and suspense and ends with a happy ending and everyone is friends, and blah blah blah - this time they didnt let one guy in.

another question - i thought there were 7 guys to start (they each have numbers on the back of their yellow/black shirts and it goes from 1 to 7...i think #2 is missing). did someone drop out early? i never saw the early episodes.

Timber 06-05-03 07:37 PM

A couple of people dropped out early and one more later on. I can't remember any of there names though.

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