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Draven 06-03-03 04:40 PM

Anyone watch Monster House last night (6/2/03)?
I'd been seeing the commercials for this on Discovery Channel, and being a big fan of Monster Garage I thought I would tune in.

Same deal as Monster Garage, where a team of unlikely people work on a house for 5 days. They had a general contractor, a hot rod builder, a robotics expert and two other guys I can't remember.

The family was big into racing (kinda white trash-y, but they seemed nice.) So they decided to do a racing theme to the house.

1. They took out their stove and some crappy cabinets and added an indoor grill with a base made of toolboxes. Above the grill they added pulldown tubes (like you'd see in a garage) with a pneumatic egg beater and sprayers with water, cooking oil and air.

2. They had a junkyard cut a Del Sol in half and used the back half to make a couch for the kids' playroom.

3. Added hydraulics to the couples bed so it could bounce around "ghetto style."

4. Their dining room table was a Honda hood that winched down from the wall. They added a plexi sheet on top to make it level.

5. And this was the coolest: The robotics guy modified a recliner with wheels and a motor. He added a joystick control, and it can be driven around the house or outside. In fact the closing shot was the husband driving around outside.

Anyway, all in all it was pretty cool. You'd have to be a real enthusiast to participate, but they made some really imaginative stuff and it all seemed to work really well. It was pretty entertaining.

Mark Holtz 06-04-03 01:08 PM

I think it repeats this weekend.

Mutley Hyde 06-04-03 04:39 PM

Anybody watch Monster Dog last night?

I sure hope not. ;)

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