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madelinebh 05-30-03 09:57 PM

Anybody remember the late 70's show "Cliff Hangers"?
I have only vague memories of this show from childhood - one part was a vampire story, one part a murder mystery, and one a sci-fi western. I thought it was pretty cool at the time, but I guess the premise failed miserably. Each week the three series had about a 15 minute segment, each of which ended with a cliff-hanger. I have read that the producers royally screwed up because they satrted each series half-way through the story, and only the dracula story actually ended.

Anyone have any info on the show - websites, etc.? Thanks.

Mutley Hyde 05-30-03 10:06 PM

I remember it, vaguely.

DRG 05-30-03 10:25 PM

Never heard of it, but found this...

and these...

Sounds like it was an interesting idea.

Rogue588 05-30-03 10:36 PM


Man, I used to LOVE this show [size=1][for the 11 weeks that it was on...:lol:] but I couldn't remember the name of it for the life of me..

Groucho 05-30-03 11:27 PM

I remember it. It was a good idea, albeit poorly executed. I would love to see it revisited with decent scripts and acting this time around.

Sernov 05-31-03 12:38 AM

This is weird... today, looking at the release for the S.W.A.T. season one DVD, I had a flashback of this show "Cliffhanger". Now here's a thread for it <cue twilight zone theme> I take it a DVD release is out of the question? :blush:

madelinebh 05-31-03 02:22 PM

It would be nice to see some of this show available either on DVD or at least on line or something. I remember parts of it were rather cheesy, but in a good "Dr. Who" sort of way.

Thanks for the other links. Anyone know of a site with still-pics from the show?

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