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Dr. DVD 05-29-03 05:01 PM

Osbournes question about unseen daughter
I have finally gotten around to watching my Osbournes Season one DVD and was wondering about the daughter that was never seen in the show aside from the first one.
Was she the blond hanging out with Kelly a lot and helping Jack unpack? If so, I was wondering why she wouldn't want anything to do with the show after being in a rather prominent role in the beginning.

AgtFox 05-29-03 05:04 PM

No, I think that is the nanny. It definitly is not the sister.

renaldow 05-29-03 05:13 PM

The blonde is the nanny. The oldest sister isn't seen on the show at all, except for maybe in pictures in the background. She didn't want to have anything to do with it, and doesn't live in their house anyways.

Josh-da-man 05-29-03 05:22 PM

I'm thinking that she lives in their guest house, but chose not to participate in the show because she's trying to establish herself as a singer and believed that the exposure she received on the show would've have had an adverse effect on her career.

GuessWho 05-29-03 05:48 PM

Aimee Osbourne, Ozzy & Sharon's 1st daughter


Aimee, an aspiring singer, says she chose not to participate in the show because she felt she would have been "typecast" before she had a chance to experience life on her own terms.
"It didn't feel right," she said.

GuessWho 05-29-03 05:52 PM

The only time I remember Aimee in Season One is when Ozzy is trying to get the cat off the cupboard/mirror thing in the final episode... Aimee is the one with the blurred-out face

movieking 05-29-03 07:32 PM

I have seen Aimee a few times in interviews, etc. She is pretty hot...

Giantrobo 05-29-03 08:16 PM

I love that Busty Brit Nanny :drool:

I remember the Sharon and Kelly talking about her big boobs

renaldow 05-29-03 08:24 PM

Originally posted by Josh-da-man
I'm thinking that she lives in their guest house...
In interviews she has said that she lives in a condo in downtown LA.

KayUK 05-30-03 04:40 AM

Originally posted by Giantrobo
I love that Busty Brit Nanny :drool:
S'cuse me but that Nanny is from OZ, mate. G'day! :)

Joeboo835 05-30-03 07:29 AM

I think she's in the episode where they're throwing stuff at the neighbors house. Its when Jack is by their door/gate yelling at them, she's behind him (and i don't think her face is blurred out).

hgar78 05-30-03 11:43 AM

she moved into her own place before the camera crews came in so she wouldn't be in the show. like it was said earlier she did it so it wouldn't hurt her career. basically she didn't want what happened to kelly (recording contract given to her simply b/c of who she was) to happen to her. she wants to make it on her own.

she actually appears several times throughout the series. watch the commentaries and sharon will point her out whenever she's there. basically anytime you see a blurred out face with black hair (usually up in a ponytail) that's her.

Giantrobo 05-30-03 07:46 PM

Originally posted by KayUK
S'cuse me but that Nanny is from OZ, mate. G'day! :)

Really? I coulda swore she was Brit? Oh well. Aussie works too :up:

Preacher 06-01-03 07:46 AM

So there is a normal one in the family.

Dr. DVD 06-01-03 12:46 PM

Which episode is the one where they make comments about the boobies?

Giantrobo 06-02-03 07:11 AM

Originally posted by Dr. DVD
Which episode is the one where they make comments about the boobies?
It was 1st season I think. Sharon and Kelly were sitting on the stairs and talking boobs and the Nanny walked in. If I remember right they asked her to open her jacket to show them(clothed).

hgar78 06-02-03 12:55 PM

i *think* it's the dinner with ozzy episode...

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