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DodiN 05-28-03 02:44 PM

Six feet under-reruns?
anyone know if they're planning on showing season 2 or 3 again in the near future?

rfduncan 05-28-03 04:40 PM

Well they need to finish airing season 3 the first time.:lol: The final episode comes on this Sunday 6/1.

The Sopranos is only up to Episode 18 of 40 so it may be in that 8pm slot for a while. Season 2 of The Wire starts on Sunday too for 13 episodes. Maybe when Sex and the City goes on hiatus after Labor Day they will restart Six Feet Under. Haven't seen advertisement for at all.

DodiN 05-28-03 07:30 PM

anyone know when S2 is scheduled for DVD?

jpcamb 05-29-03 01:28 PM

most often DVD is released a bit before the start of the next season. Some time next year at the earliest I would guess.

They will most likely air it on saturdays or some other day late summer is my guess that's what they did with last season...

rfduncan 05-29-03 04:06 PM

Originally posted by DodiN
anyone know when S2 is scheduled for DVD?
HBO almost ALWAYS releases their DVD seasons exactly a year apart (see Oz and Sex and the City releases). Therefore, season 2 should hit DVD around 02/03/04 (what a FUN date:)).

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