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Xander 05-28-03 09:23 AM

Queer as Folk - Ep 311 (05/25/2003)
So, does anyone here watch this show? Since it is the only one I watch that still has new eps going, I thought I'd throw out a review.

First, while I'm not sure I like Ted's new arc, I loved the cinematography during the makeout/drug scene. Really cool stuff, and gave a nice "unreal" feeling to the scene, I thought.

I was expecting Brian to get found out, but I was kind of surprised that he would just leave those posters all over his loft. Sloppy sloppy. I thought his scene with Debbie in the loft was one of the best scenes ever. It was so great. Loved it.

I'm tired of the street hustler storyline, except that in the previews for next week, it looks like it will tie back into the "dumpster boy" story from last season, which could be interesting.

Theories (no spoilers, please!): I'm thinking that Brian is going to start up his own agency, maybe using Justin for artwork. One friend thinks that Stockwell killed the boy in the dumpster, while another thinks Horshak might have. What do you guys think?


joeblow69 05-28-03 02:24 PM

I missed most of this week's episode and only caught the last 10 minutes or so. Why is Brian able to walk into babylon, and smash open the padlock to the backroom? They would have carted him off to jail for that. Reminds me of the stupid stunt he pulled in season one where he ran a jeep through the window of that dealership, and no one complained.

How many more episodes are there this season, anyway? QAF started the same weekend as 6FU, which is ending this weekend. QAF doesn't seem to be winding down at all, though.

Did they show Ben's butt in this episode? If they did, I'll try to catch a re-run. But if all the gratuitious nudity is just brian and justin making out again, I'll just skip it...

Preacher 06-01-03 06:50 AM

It was a great show the first year. One of the best ever done. There has been a steady decline since it stopped being based on the original British show. Going back and forth as to whether we will keep watching it. But that first season was brilliant.

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