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Rogue588 05-27-03 11:49 PM

Details about "Tru Calling" -- Eliza Dushku's new show

Eliza Dushku, star of Fox's upcoming supernatural TV series Tru Calling, told SCI FI Wire that her character is not a superhero like Faith, her role on UPN's Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "She's just this normal girl who's trying to help, but she's only human," Dushku said in an interview.

Dushku plays Tru Davies, a young woman working the graveyard shift at a morgue. She finds herself reliving the days in which her cadavers died. "It's like Groundhog Day," Dushku said. "Her day is starting over. That person dies at 10 o'clock that night, and now it's the day repeating itself. She has to find out who that person is, and she has X amount of hours to keep them from dying."

So far, Dushku has only shot the pilot, which was directed by film director Phillip Noyce, whom she considered "awesome." "He experiments with different shots and different angles and taught me a lot about looking at film, looking at a frame and filling up the foreground as well as the middle and the background and just trying different angles and lighting styles and emotions," Dushku said.

Though busy in her film career, Dushku had no qualms about returning to series TV. "A lot of actors are doing both [films and television], and I understand why, because television affects people just as much as film. People can turn you on in their living rooms, in their bedrooms, and follow you, watch your stories and be impacted and affected in the same way." Tru Calling will air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, starting in the fall.

inVectiVe 05-28-03 12:03 AM

Woo-hoo! First vote - and it was a "Yes" of course!

The way I phrased my attitude toward this show in a previous thread was that even *if* it's the most reprehensible piece of trash ever to soil the pristine airwaves of Fox, I'll be glued to my screen. Short of dressing Eliza in a burqa, there is nothing that could keep me from watching it.

And I'm also grateful for the recent semi-explosion of Eliza-related threads around here. :)

MrX 05-28-03 12:22 AM

I'm going to watch.

The real question is how long does this show last? With the subject matter and the fact that it's up against Friends and Survivor I believe, I don't see it lasting very long.

inVectiVe 05-28-03 01:03 AM

Those concerns [the show getting an early ax] were voiced by some in a recent thread about the (general) upcoming TV schedule, which I may or may not be too lazy to bother to link here. :) [Edit: OK, here it is. But MrX already knew about that thread since he posted in it. ;)]

I don't think I've ever really anticipated a new show like I'm doing for this baby (the only shows I'm a "fan" of, I only discovered them after they were established hits :o), so if it gets canceled after like 3 episodes I'll feel a burning rage I've never experienced before - at least not regarding a TV show.

Josh-da-man 05-28-03 02:52 AM

Sounds like a pretty limited concept, and considering the competition it's up against, I have serious doubts about its long-term health. It'll probably go the way of "Firefly."

And bring on Faith. Just put Faith on a motorcycle and send her on way. I think a road series set in the Buffyverse would be a fresh concept. Throw in the occasional familiar face, like Oz, and they're set.

Buck Turgidson 05-28-03 05:42 AM

I want to see her in an hour-long drama show that airs between Night Calls 411 and Lex In The City.

Wishing BIG...

Red Dog 05-28-03 08:09 AM

I'll watch only because of her, but I don't think I nor others will be watching for long. I give it about 4 episodes before FOX yanks it, whether it is good or bad. Frankly the concept seems -rolleyes- Sounds like the defunct show Early Edition.

I still wish she had gotten the opening in Charmed with Shannen Doherty's departure.

Groucho 05-28-03 08:15 AM

So, will this be like "Quantum Leap" where she jumps into the person's body, only we see her wearing their outfits? Or will the cadavers play themselves, leaving Dushku limited to an appearence at the beginning and end of the show? Or will she jump back in time as herself?

Anyway, let's hope she wears tight sweaters. Morgues are cold places. :drool:

Mopower 05-28-03 09:27 AM

I'm guessing she can't get enough movie roles? Not really surprising though.

Dr. DVD 05-28-03 12:41 PM

While I love Eliza, both the premise and title of this show look stupid. "Tru Calling" because her character's name is Tru? Puh-Leaze!! After this and Wrong Turn Eliza might want to fire her agent.
The slot in which they have placed it is a death sentence; it needs to try for Monday or Tuesday nights, maybe in Buffy's old timeslot.

fujishig 05-28-03 12:47 PM

Is that the actual way the show's name is spelled? I'm gonna be thinking "Toys R Us Calling" everytime I see that.

Ok, I can believe the whole supernatural part, but Eliza Dushku working as a mortician? Please...

Jadzia 05-28-03 01:24 PM

The real question is, if she is a mortician and she is able to prevent all these people from dying in the first place-- how long will she have a job?

mwj 05-28-03 01:47 PM

I will watch. This show idea doesn't really grab me though. I am certainly not holding my breath thinking that it will be good or for that matter that it will last very long. After seeing the people who get series, Whoopi Goldberg for example. I would have thought Eliza could have gotten a better project.

Red Dog 05-28-03 01:52 PM

Originally posted by mwj
I will watch. This show idea doesn't really grab me though. I am certainly not holding my breath thinking that it will be good or for that matter that it will last very long. After seeing the people who get series, Whoopi Goldberg for example. I would have thought Eliza could have gotten a better project.

I thought she would have been a natural for the new show on the WB: Fearless.

inVectiVe 05-28-03 01:55 PM

I'm not crazy about the premise either. It's so typical of Hollywood to pitch everything as "It's 'Early Edition' meets 'Groundhog Day' with a dash of 'Quantum Leap'!" and that seems to be what we're lookin' at here.

I'll just try to comfort myself with the knowledge that it'd be even worse IMO if Eliza got a sitcom on "Must-See TV." [As lame as I think TV dramas can be, my opinion of sitcoms is far more contemptuous.]

Amel 05-28-03 05:36 PM

I'll check it out, but it doesn't sound too promising. She's got the "hot chick" factor in her favor, but that can only last so long - look at Jessica Alba and "Dark Angel". I can't believe she picked this over a BtVS spinoff. Who's her agent?? Besides "Bring It On" and "JASBSB", her movie choices have sucked. "Wrong Turn" looks like it will continue her run of bad movies.

clemente 05-28-03 08:23 PM

So, its not 7 Days, its only 24 hours.....and there's no newspaper delivered by a cat.

I love Eliza, but given that premise I don't think I'll be altering my current Thursday viewing patterns.

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