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u2hibby 05-27-03 06:44 PM

Big Brother 4 to debut in July
taken from Jam

It's going to be another sizzling summer for Internet voyeurs and reality show fans. CBS announced today that the fourth installment of the summer-long 'Big Brother' reality series will premiere on July 8th at 8:00 p.m. Arnold Shapiro ("Scared Straight," "Rescue 911") and Allison Grodner ("Rescue 911") are returning as the co-producers of the series.

"We are very excited to have 'Big Brother' back," a CBS spokesperson told JAM! Showbiz. "There will definitely be new twists and turns introduced to the series."

As in previous years, the series will air three shows a week. This year the show will be broadcast on Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays. While the Tuesday and Friday editions will be taped and edited from the past happenings in the 'Big Brother' house, Wednesday will function as the live eviction show during which a player ('Houseguest') is voted out of the game.

'Big Brother 4' is still in the casting process and there are no details yet about the Internet component of the show, said the CBS spokesperson.

PacMan2006 05-27-03 07:52 PM

Thanks! Can't wait. One of the best reality shows out now.

clemente 05-27-03 09:18 PM

Hmm...Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday....I'm going to get some major BB withdrawal during the weekends...but it should make the Tuesday episode pretty juicy.

Maybe not the best reality show...but definately the most fun to watch and get lost in.

dolphinboy 05-27-03 10:14 PM

Originally posted by PacMan2006
Thanks! Can't wait. One of the best reality shows out now.
That's an understatement. I need this show now. There is nothing else on and I love this show in the summer. It keeps me from going nuts.

I made it 5 minutes into this Dog Eat Dog before having to turn it off (horrible) and I just want my Survivor, Amazing Race, and Big Brother.

Now please!

kdubby 05-29-03 01:53 AM

I am very excited about this. I still believe that BB2 was the best reality show ever.

DRG 05-29-03 02:51 AM

I've never made it all the way through a season of BB, but I'll give this one a chance. Too bad they can't get as naughty as the overseas editions, though.

atari2600 05-29-03 07:42 PM

this show does not compare to TAR.

DRG 05-30-03 10:47 PM

Originally posted by atari2600
this show does not compare to TAR.
But really, what does? :)

clemente 05-31-03 12:20 AM


shanester 05-31-03 10:14 PM

Any pics of the new prisoners/housemates??


clemente 05-31-03 11:35 PM

According to the storiy that started this thread they haven't been cast yet..although some of the houseguest have probably been picked already, just not announced.

I know that in past years, a few of the houseguest were last second, so I wouldn;t expect to see the houseguest till right before they enter the house.

Iron_Giant 06-02-03 02:39 PM

Hate this show.

Nothing of value you at all.

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