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Goldberg74 05-17-03 01:57 PM

"Man claims 'Idol' was his idea, sues Fox" (CNN.com article)
Whatever... if his papers are in order he could be a very rich man. But everyone wants a piece of the gravy train know as "American Idol."

Link to the full article...

Man claims 'Idol' was his idea, sues Fox

HOUSTON, Texas (CNN) -- An entertainment company owner who specializes in televised talent competitions has filed a lawsuit against the Fox Television Network and the producers of the popular show "American Idol," claiming the show's concept was his idea.

Harry Keane filed the suit -- which alleges copyright and trademark infringement and misappropriation of his work -- in U.S. District Court Wednesday, said his lawyer, Ryan Bormaster.

In the suit, Keane seeks a temporary restraining order against the program and its assets, and asks that it stop airing immediately.

Next week is the final week of competition in the second season of "American Idol," which is now down to two contestants, Clay Aiken, 24, of Raleigh, North Carolina, and Ruben Studdard, 25, of Birmingham, Alabama.

Also named in the suit are two production companies involved in the show, 19TV and Freemantle Media; the show's creator, Simon Fuller; and Simon Cowell, the prickly judge whose record label gives a recording contract to the winner.

matta 05-17-03 02:14 PM

I'm sure they'll pay him off to drop his suit.

Jadzia 05-17-03 03:00 PM

Shouldn't he be suing the BBC, since that is where Fox got the show from?

It seems funny to sue someone who licensed off the original, rather than the original. It'd be like suing ABC and accusing them of taking the "Millionaire" idea, when they got it from the BBC show.

I wonder if this guy doesn't even know that the British started this show?

MrX 05-17-03 04:28 PM

The guy was on CNN yesterday and this lawsuit smells fishy.

Groucho 05-17-03 05:26 PM

If you read the article, it goes into more detail. The guy says he hadn't heard of the U.K. version and that he hasn't sued until now because it's taken time to get his paperwork in order.

Bandoman 05-17-03 05:33 PM

I guess he invented the talent show. -rolleyes-

blakader 05-18-03 11:47 AM

I guess if he wins here he can then sue star search and the miss america pagent and dont forget Nashville Star and......

Jackskeleton 05-18-03 04:35 PM

If he is sueing for the type of show, then he has no case.. if he is sueing fox for the specific idea.. then he should be sueing the euro version first.

end point.. he wont win the case.

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